Review: Unlawful Hearts by Suzi Goode

Unlawful Hearts by Suzi Goode
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Release Date: October 16, 2010
Source: ebook provided by publisher

Dead or Alive?

1871. Courageous Amanda Bodreaux has no idea if her secretive husband is dead or alive. He’s run off leaving her to fight in an aggressive man’s world with a pistol in her dainty hand. When a strikingly handsome and mysterious man shows up needing a wife, Amanda figures his problems, whatever they might be, aren’t hers. How wrong can a woman be?

Emery Cobbs knows even before his arrival in Water Springs, Missouri, that Amanda is his problem. And more. She is prettier and pricklier than a man has a right to lay eyes on, and she must also know the location of the diamonds her irresponsible husband squirreled away. With a
gun pointed at his head, Emery doesn’t have many options left.

Will he marry Amanda for the diamonds or will he die in the process? At her hands?

Review: A western, this was more of a novella at only 61 pages. Storyline was as expected with both good guys and bad – no real twists, turns or surprises. Amanda, the main character and saloon keeper, was quite a personality. She was always in the thick of things especially related to the lost diamonds. Trouble seemed to court her. Some romance and intrigue but the romance happened too quickly and the intrigue had no depth. I have not read anything by this author before but I would give a longer novel a try.

Favorite Quote: “I don’t reckon I owe you any explanations as to what goes on in my head.” As if she’d clarify her thoughts to a total stranger. She looked him straight in the eye “And I’m not most women.”


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