Review: No Safe Place by Cat Shaffer

No Safe Place by Cat Shaffer
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Pages: 182
Source: ebook provided by publisher

Even small towns hide secrets…

When Lissa Williams loses both her job as editor of a hard-hitting news magazine, and her fiancé, in a one-two punch, she doesn’t plan to compound her troubles by first getting drunk and then into a sexy stranger’s bed. Nor does she expect to wind up in the tiny hamlet of Oslo, West Virginia, three months later, after her best friend is carjacked and left to die. Her shock at realizing that the first person she meets in Oslo is the same sexy stranger who had rocked her world in a single night, is softened by the realization he doesn’t remember her. But how long can she keep things that way when he insists on volunteering as her handyman at the wreck of a house she’s rented?

Folks in Oslo know Nat “Duke” O’Keefe as the man who’s taken over the town’s tow truck service. No one suspects his real job is undercover cop with an elite, multi-state task force investigating a sophisticated auto theft ring financing a global trade in illegal weapons. When a beautiful woman shows up in the two-bit town of Oslo, his boss orders him to cozy up to the town’s newest resident and figure out just what she’s up to. That suits him fine, until the sparks between them light a strange remembrance, a tinder of desire, and danger that may kill them both.

Review: The author does a good job of grasping the reader’s attention and keeping you drawn in to the story. I stayed focused throughout. The author also did a good job describing small town life and the comments about gossip were “right on”. However, with that being said, there were a couple aspects of the story that seemed to be underdeveloped. For example the mystery behind why Lissa was let go from her editing job. What was her big failure? Another example was the threatening phone call Duke received after Lissa drove by the Compound and tried to enter the strip club however the “bad guys” never followed through on any of it. I kept waiting for them to try something to prove they meant business but alas it never happened.

I enjoyed the characters and the blossoming romance between the two. It was great when Lissa slipped up and Duke finally realized she was the woman he hooked up with the night a few months earlier in Knoxville.

Unfortunately, one big drawback was the numerous grammatical errors throughout. It is not unusual for a couple here and there to be found in any story but there were just too many in this story to not mention it. In fact, even the main character’s name was spelled wrong in a few spots.

Overall it was a decent story that held my attention throughout and had a nice enjoyable romance. Unfortunately, the grammatical errors every other page were a huge distraction and too numerous to not take into account.


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