Review: More Than A Stud by Eliza March

More Than A Stud by Eliza March
Series: Cougar Club
Release Date: June 3, 2011
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 43
Source: from the publisher

With her biological clock ticking away, Carina Roth, CEO and owner of a corporate security company, wants a child. On the night of her forty-second birthday, Carina’s 35-year-old corporate intel officer, Evan Douglas, offers to be her baby’s daddy. Evan not only wants to father Carina’s child, he’s ready to prove he can fulfill her every need and that, for Carina, he wants to be…more than a stud.

Review: Carina has fantasized about Evan for quite a while but felt the age difference was just too much to overcome. Evan loved Carina from afar while he thought she was still involved with someone else. On the night of Carina’s 42nd birthday they both learn the truth.

Even though this story is very short, the author did a very nice job portraying the emotions of each character and drawing the reader in. I blushed right along with Carina when Evan was standing behind her at the party. I even found myself laughing out loud at a comment Carina made while they were in the supply closet. This comment is my favorite in the book however it is erotica so I will let you read it for yourself.

If you are looking for a quick, HOT, sweet erotic romance, then I recommend you give this one a try. My only wish is that it was longer.

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