Review: Miss Darcy Falls In Love by Sharon Lathan

Miss Darcy Falls In Love by Sharon Lathan
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Release Date: November 1, 2011
Page Count: 288
Source: ebook provided by author for review

An intimate journey of love, life, and the passionate pursuit of happiness.

Noble young ladies were expected to play an instrument, but societal restrictions would have chafed for Georgiana Darcy, an accomplished musician.

Her tour of Europe draws the reader into the musical life of the day, and a riveting love story of a young woman learning to direct her destiny and understand her own heart.

Review: I love Ms. Lathan’s work! She really made a story pop and come to live with this unique twist on Jane Austen’s work. For some reason, I never really like Miss Darcy’s character in other works. She just seemed a bit off and too quiet for my likings. But, Sharon Lathan really created a story for Miss Darcy that really caught my heart.

I loved how Ms. Lathan took a time in history and brought it to life with her characters and plot line. Miss Darcy’s story is uniquely written. Watching Miss Darcy and her love of music was amazing. I felt myself instantly transported and walking along side of Miss Darcy.

Seeing Miss Darcy realize that it doesn’t matter what others think, or what they might expect of you, that it’s okay to follow YOUR heart, and to fall in love with whom your heart calls you to love. It was a fun loving journey!

If you are a Jane Austen fan, if you love historical novels, then Ms. Lathan’s wonderfully written,vividly detailed, and sweet romance novel will be one that you don’t want to miss out on! I’m looking forward to another sweet novel from Ms. Lathan!


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