Review: The Inn at Little Bend by Bobbi Groover

The Inn at Little Bend by Bobbi Groover
Publisher: Melange Books
Release Date: July 9, 2011
Source: book provided by author for review

In antebellum America, life for an abandoned woman was difficult at best. But when young Grayson escapes her sadistic guardian, she finds freedom just as hostile. The lonesome, starving wanderer flees straight into the path of vicious marauders. Only one thing keeps the rustlers from violating the curvaceous, dark-haired beauty but the punishment they intend to mete out for her crimes borders on insanity.

Not far away a lone rover hears the screams, yet continues down the road. He wants nothing more of life than to be left alone. He has his own debts to account for. Once a headstrong irresistible rakehell, the drifter had bolted, shuttered his heart and retreated deep within himself. But now the wafting agony tears at him–his own and the wails of another. Swearing under his breath, he whirls the horse around.

Grayson Ridge struggles to survive her fated trials and conceal the secrets that plague her. Her exploits collide with the life of Drake Somerset, a scraggly yet oddly dashing drifter besieged by dark shadows. Neither realizes their chance encounter could free them both. Their wrangling ignites a turbulent journey and sets their worlds on fire.

Review: Ever had the feeling that you don’t belong, that your not meant to be? For Grayson life has been a battle of not belonging straight from the start. First she was left abandoned at the steps of a orphanage where she never fit in, then adopted by a cruel family where having to suffer the hated unwanted advantages of her stepfather led her to push him away causing his death ,and this leads to her having to run for her life !

To not be recognised she dresses as a boy even yanks off her hair with a sharp blade ! The things woman have to endure is so vividly outlined in this book it lets you remember that we are indeed the ones who usually suffer the most !

On her runaway trail she comes face to face with four of the meanest outlaws any woman could ever have to face. She very nearly avoids having her hand cut off when saved by loner cowboy Drake Somerset.

Drake mistakenly judging by Grayson’s attire recons her to be a young boy alone and out in the wild, feels pity towards “River” and strikes “him “ a deal , “Work off your debt for me saving your hide then I’ll let you go”. Simple sounding enough, but then suddenly Grayson aka River becomes very ill and Drake needs to get him/her to a Dr. and fast.

Once he has” River” at a Dr. and “he “ is all better he can let the little runt go and be on his way. But things as in life do not always go according to plan. In the end Drake and Grayson develop a sort of best friend come I hate you relationship with some very interesting consequences.

But Drake harbours his own secret shame and whilst trying to avoid the strange connection he feels toward “River” he fights demons only know to a few. Grayson in the meantime along with her new best friend Aggie but a plan into action to win Drake’s heart and help banish the demons from his mind. Got your attention I sure hope so for this is not your average romance western.

Bobbi Groover creates a wild western romance with a wild twist that you will not see coming, she has a creative and unique writing style that is surely solely only linked to her for I have not yet read anything like this before ! Bobbi keeps you captivated and describes every scene in details making sure you don’t miss anything.

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