Review: His Saving Grace by Ellen Dye

His Saving Grace by Ellen Dye
Series: Mountain Men of West Virginia (#2)
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: May 2, 2011
Page Count: 260
Source: ebook provided by publisher

Pregnant and down on her luck, professional chef Grace Dannon finds herself employed as well as living rent free—thanks to a generous friend. With this new lease on life, anticipating the new arrival, she has one rule: no men, ever, in her life again.

Recently relocated from his native West Virginia, building contractor RoyLee Hardison has sworn off women. All women. Lonely for a decent bed and starved for good home cooking, he jumps at his employer’s offer of a free home while he’s in town.

No one told Grace or RoyLee the offers came with strings: sharing the same house. The most unexpected things can happen when two people live under one roof.

Review: His Saving Grace is the second book in Ellen Dye’s Mountain Men of West Virginia series. The author did a great job of making this book stand alone on its own. I have not read the first book, Three’s the Charm, but did not feel I was missing anything. Heath and Rachel do make appearances in this story so you may wish to read their story but it would be personal preference rather than necessity.

Both Grace and RoyLee are very down to earth characters which the reader can relate with. Both seem somewhat shy and are scared of being hurt again. This is a great story with some wonderful laugh out loud moments. I do not want to spoil it for anyone but I laughed and laughed during both the laundry and cooking incidents. Those moments really made the book for me.

The only complaint I would have were a few moments that seemed to be missing any sort of lead up and just appeared out of left field. I found myself reading back a few pages trying to figure out where that came from. An example would have been towards the end where it is mentioned that Rachel knows Grace’s secret. I found myself saying “secret…what secret?” We do learn what is being referred too however it was a bit confusing and seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Overall, I did enjoy His Saving Grace and with that, I am off to get my hands on the first and third installments of the Mountain Men of West Virginia series.


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