Review: The Chauffeur Wore an Evening Gown by Roni Adams

The Chauffeur Wore an Evening Gown by Roni Adams
Series: Millionare’s Club
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Release Date: June 14th 2011
Source: ebook provided by publisher

When Erin O’Malley agrees to pinch hit for her brother’s limo service and drive millionaire JR Stone to the Governor’s Ball, she has no clue how crazy her night will get.

Dumped by his fiancée on the night he’s to accept the biggest award of his career, Josh Stone convinces his chauffeur to slip into an evening gown and onto his arm. They fool everyone into thinking they are an item, but once they kiss, there’s nothing fake about the chemistry between them.

Can a blue-collar girl really appeal to this multimillionaire, or is Josh only playing for the crowd?

Review: I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this book to review. And I was pleasantly delighted from the beginning all the way to the end.

Roni Adams had a way of twisting the familiar story of Cinderella and making it her own.

We find Blue Collar and Millionaire coming together in a battle of will it or won’t it work. The chemistry is there and the sexual tension, which gets satisfied, but can they overcome everything else to come together as a couple.

I found myself on Millionaire construction owner Josh Stones side. He isn’t your typical millionaire. He actually cares. From the start when he gets dumped by his fiancée just before and important dinner at the Governor’s house, he has no choice but to ask his fiery chauffeur Erin O’Malley to fill in.

Erin O’Malley is just what Josh seems to need in his life. From the moment she puts the evening gown on and steps in for his ex-fiancée, the sparks start to fly. The gown makes her feel a little like Cinderella. And just like Cinderella the evening has to come to an end or does it?

They end up fooling everyone at the Governor’s house but they can’t seem to fool themselves. From that first kiss the chemistry starts and never stops.

As the sparks fly so do the tempers or at least Erin’s which creates an interesting twist to the story.

Josh talks her brother into letting her become his exclusive chauffeur, which works for her as she is putting all her money into a memorial children’s garden at the hospital in remembrance of her late mother.

Hot and steamy sex, just right and not so over the top, just the right amount left to the imagination.

As in all stories there are issues that arise and cause problems. Erin thinks Josh pulled a fast one on her brothers and outbid them. Josh was only trying to help. Erin’s Irish temper flairs, still Josh never gives up his pursuit of Erin.

I found the chemistry between Josh and Erin sexy and I was rooting for Josh from the beginning.

Roni Adams spins a Cinderella tale that gives the romantic soul in all of us that much needed happily ever after. I would definitely recommend this book and I look forward to reading more from Roni Adams.

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