Review: Chasing Cassie by Lorna Jean Roberts

Chasing Cassie by Lorna Jean Roberts
Series: Shadowpeak Wolves (#2)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Release Date: August 24, 2011

Source:  ebook provided by publisher

Book two in the Shadowpeak Wolves series.Cassie Callington has finally met a man who makes her insides quiver, her heartbeat race and her body sizzle. And he barely even knows she’s alive. An enforcer for the Shadowpeak pack, Jay Chance is ripped, sexy, a complete and utter hunk. He’s also out of her league and chasing after another woman. Still, there’s no rule that says she can’t look, right?Except one night she finds herself doing more than looking, she’s touching, tasting, licking…yum. But it was never meant to be. He’s a werewolf and attracted to someone else. She’s a human and on the next bus out of town. Nope, it would never work. But Jay sees things differently, and comes after her, using some very sensual techniques to persuade her to see things his way. And to taste them his way, and to touch…

Review: Being intrigued by werewolves I thought that Chasing Cassie would be right up my alley. Yes, there were werewolves. Yes there was also plenty of hot sex.

We first meet Cassie Calington lusting for the Jay Chance an enforcer for the Shadow peak pack. Cassie finally finds a man who makes quiver, her heartbeat race and her body sizzle and he is a werewolf. Better yet he doesn’t even know that she exists.

Jay has his eyes set for Dusty another enforcer in their pack. Cassie tries to help Jay get Dusty to notice him but Dusty wants nothing to do with him.

Werewolf and human can they co-exist? Cassie would like to think so. Cassie thinks Jay is still wanting Dusty but Jay saw Cassie upset at a BBQ at Laney’s and goes after her realizing he wants Cassie.

The heat is so explosive that clothes are torn off and wild passionate sex…Let’s just say HOT…HOT…HOT!

The bookstore that Cassie is opening with Jay’s sister Laney is bombed. Sending Cassie on the run to get away from Jay who she thinks is still after Dusty.

She settles into the town where Laney once lived making new friends and running into a strange man who later claims to be her brother. Throughout this who ordeal she settles into her new life only to have Jay follow her there.


And still more Hot Sex.

I would have loved more of a storyline for Cassie and Jay. The characters were developed and the basics given but then they are mostly in bed. That isn’t a bad thing but I would have liked to see more of the werewolf changing and more on what Jay actually does. Cassie goes from being half owner of the bookstore to waitressing.

There were so many other characters introduced that I found it difficult to follow at times.

The sex was hot. A quick read. Not something that I would read again.


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