Review: Blue Moon by Cindy Lynn Speer

Blue Moon by Cindy Lynn Speer
Publisher: Zumaya Otherworlds
Release Date: November 25, 2008
Source: ebook provided by author for review

The Merlin Stone, used in one last great spell to sunder the worlds of technology and magic before these conflicting realities destroyed everything, is under Libby Halstead?s protection. Now, Sabin and his mother, creatures so evil their memories were taken from the minds of man, have stolen it. She doesn?t have many allies–Alex, a man with no memory; Zorovin, a dragon in search of his son; and Sierra, a woman who longs for magic.

What strangeness happens once in a blue moon?

Libby is about to find out.

Review:  Being a big fan of Merlin I decided to give Blue Moon a try. It sounded interesting and right up my alley. Having said that, (I had a rough time getting into the book) knowing that some books are slow starters I decided to slug this one out and see what happens. I am glad that I did.

Ms. Speer’s takes us into the realm of magic and Merlin. Where we find Merlin creating what is called the Merlin Stone. Merlin foresaw the coming of the Scientific Age and with that the division of the fantasy and the scientific worlds. Merlin must enlist help from all sides thus creating an overabundance of characters that if not paying attention you can easily lose yourself. Along with a slow storyline that jumps around.

Within the magic realm Merlin enlists the help of Arthur, The Lady of the Lake, Morgan Le Fey and various elves and dwarfs.

We become a bit confused as we enter into the scientific world where there is a crossover of Human characters and Magical characters.

Libby Halstead, is a romance writer, who comes from an abusive marriage. She has decided to move to her grandparents cabin hidden deep within the forest and has become a hermit of sorts. She is the keeper of the Merlin Stone. So rare and powerful and a beacon for evil, she must protect it at all costs.

Alex Kincaid, five years ago he woke up with no memory whatsoever. With no knowledge of who he is or where he came from he creates his own identity to get by in this world. He decides that maybe the best thing to do is to travel the world and just maybe something or someone will trigger his memory and help him find out who or what he really is. Hopefully he will soon find what his purpose is because if not there will be a big impact on the worlds.

Sabin, the Prince of Darkness (pure evil). His goal is to find the Merlin Stone before the Blue Moon to make mama proud.

Zorovin, the Dragon King, comes to the scientific world in order to find his son the prince. He is in hopes of finding him soon to prevent the destruction of the worlds.

Once the characters are developed and in place the story seems to take off. We find the protectors of both worlds needing to come together to save the Merlin Stone and keep evil from finding it. With the Blue Moon coming, where magic is the strongest, things start to heat up.

You find yourself thinking that evil just may win because of the obstacles that are continually thrown at you. You start to prepare yourself for the worst.

I found this to be a very well written story despite the slow start. It is a different take on the two worlds and how they actually could exist. Not just in a make believe realm but in reality.

Even with the slow start this story is well worth trying. For those that don’t believe other realms exist just might find themselves with a new look at things.

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