Interview & Contest: Lucy Kevin

Today we welcome Lucy Kevin to Romancing the Book.  Lucy is the author of GABRIELLE, a Young Adult Paranormal Romance.

Jen: Tell us about Gabrielle – it’s so much more than just a book! 
Lucy: Thank you! Gabrielle is a modern Gigi retelling about a music student who discovers she comes from a long line of women cursed to only find true love as a courtesan. I used to be a performing singer-songwriter so it made sense to me that Gabrielle would work out her emotions through music. The ebook includes embedded songs that Gabrielle writes and performs whenever she’s struggling to figure things out in her life.

Jen: Gabrielle is in the middle of a love triangle – why do you think they’re so popular in young-adult fiction?  
Lucy: I think they’re popular in any fiction. Who doesn’t like having options? Characters are always struggling with choices and what better way to represent those choices than two guys? Gabrielle wants a career in music but she also wants a connection to her dead mother and her heritage as a courtesan. As she’s torn between those words, she also becomes torn between Dylan, the hot new music student with a mysterious past and Bradley, the golden-boy from the courtesan circle.

Jen: Have you ever been in a love triangle?  
Lucy: Alas, I’m long married! My biggest triangle these days is between sleep and staying up to read another book.

Jen: What’s a great young-adult book you’ve read lately?  
Lucy: Ally Carter’s Heist Society – I really liked it!

Jen: What’s next for you?  
Lucy: The next Gabrielle book!  And you can read more about Lucy and listen to the original songs from Gabrielle here.

We’re giving away one e-copy of Gabrielle, chosen at random, from commenters who let us know their favorite love triangle!

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  • The contest ends on Friday, September 9.

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