Book Tour Review: Time of the Faeries Afterlight by Joseph Corsentino

Time of the Faeries Afterlight: End of the World by Joseph Corsentino
Publisher: Time Of the Faeries
Release Date: June, 2011
Page Count: 98
Source: ebook supplied for review by Bewitching Book Tours

This is the end of the world. The end of our world. What went wrong? Why do the angels, once guardians charged with our protection and safety, now hunt us to extinction? As we become fewer and fewer will the questions be answered, or lost in the fires of ritual? When all things fade in the Afterlight…What will be left of hope?


Review:  I was pleasantly surprised and thought that this book was intriguing. I usually do not read graphic novels and never understood why they were so popular. Reading this book has definitely changed my perception. I thought a graphic novel was similar to a comic book but this is so much more beautiful and intellectual. I haven’t read any other graphic novels so I am not sure how this would compare to others but I did enjoy it. I also enjoyed the story but the artwork was so striking that I felt like I melted into the scenes on the pages. The artwork is amazing and for me that was the bigger draw.

The story itself presents an interesting twist on what angels could be to us and to the world. The story takes place in the future, the angels believe they need to kill all of the humans left on the planet for them to survive and return to E’even. There were a few times when I had to page back and clarify what I was reading and once I actually had to consult a dictionary. The story is interesting and I am looking forward to reading the next book. In doing some internet searching I discovered another book that has the same name of “Time of the Fairies” it was published in 2007 and I believe I should read it. I believe it may be a prequel that will answer a few questions I have. I am captivated with some of the characters enough to care what is going to happen in the next book.

It is a dark and sometimes disturbing story and from what I read I don’t think I would even say I could guarantee a happy ending after the series is over. I am glad to have had the opportunity to have read Afterlight but I would definitely only recommend it to readers who enjoy fantasy but not necessarily to someone looking for a HEA because that remains unknown at this point in the telling.

Favorite Quote: Do you want the BBC or American version?

Uh, American?

“Alright then. Be scared. The winged menace has arrived, they know we’re here, and they will not stop until every last one of us is dead. Attack is imminent, and death is probable. And now for some commercials!” Raph barks a short, mirthless laugh. “Funny thing is the BBC version is pretty much the same, it just uses the word threat instead of menace.”

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Joseph Corsentino is a storyteller at heart who chooses photography as his medium. He took his passion for Science Fiction and Fantasy to Los Angeles where he began Time of the Faeries, an epic retelling of the faerie mythology. His stunning, ethereal, and realistic faeries, angels, and vampires can be seen in private collections and magazines all over the world. His first book, published by Imaginosis Publishing, is a prologue into the Time of the Faeries universe. Joseph is currently completing the four-part Afterlight graphic novel series and making appearances at conventions such as Dragon*con.

Some Career Highlights

2007 Time of the Faeries published by Imaginosis Publishing
2007-2011 Artist Guest and Artist Guest of Honor at Faerieworlds Festival
2009-2011 Artist Guest and Artist Guest of Honor at Faeriecon
2008 Artist Guest of Honor at I-Con New York
2008-2009 Artist Guest of Honor at Xanadu Las Vegas
2010 Best Photography Dragon*con Artshow