Book Tour Review & Contest: Missing In Mexico by Stuart Gustafson

Missing In Mexico by Stuart Gustafson
Release Date: May 2011
Publisher: Stuart Gustafson Productions, LLC (Smashwords)
Page Count: 322
Source: Partners in Crime book tour

Missing in Mexico is a mystery novel set in Los Cabos, Mexico. Sarah is a 19-year old who wasn’t on the return plane trip from a family vacation. Her parents hire Stan, a Private Investigator, to find her. Even with local help and some promising leads, Stan returns to Seattle to tell her parents that he can’t find her. Months later he receives a letter from someone who says she can help him find Sarah, and he jumps on the next plane to Los Cabos. Will this be the break that he needs to find her, or will she remain missing — Missing in Mexico?

Review:  An only child, Sarah goes on Christmas vacation to with her parents and BFF Mary. Sarah’s parents Robert and Tina leave both Sarah and Mary in Mexico for a few more days of vacation as they return home after the New Year. When it’s time to board the plane, Sarah tells Mary go ahead without her, she will be right there. However, the plane is forced to take off without Sarah on it. Now it’s a race to discovery where Sarah is. With so many questions, and very few answers will Stan be able to locate Sarah and bring her home to her family?

Amazing amount of details, gives the reader the feeling as though they are standing there on the street. Seeing the cobblestone drive, feeling the breeze, and smelling the wonderful food of the area; the reader can get the sense they too are walking the streets with Stan as he searches for missing Sarah.

Flash backs from the present to the past give the reader a glimpse of how young Sarah was raised. Until the past and the present collide; and we move forward.

As Stan does some amazing leg work, following barely there trails; he finds himself getting emotionally involved with this case. As time flies by, Stan feels as though time may just be running out. Until a lead comes through that gets his hopes up.

An amazing story of the love parents have for their children. Of a private investigator willing to go the extra mile, with the help of newly made friends. Filled with plenty of twists and turns, leaving the reader guessing; until the end when you just may need a tissue.

Favorite Quote: “You call your computer a guy?”

“Sure, why not? The stupid thing is slow and it stops working whenever it feels like it. You think I would call it a woman?”

“No. I don’t think you would.” Stan agreed.


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