Blog Tour Review: In Total Surrender by Anne Mallory

In Total Surrender by Anne Mallory
Release Date:  September 27, 2011
Publisher  Avon
Pages: 284
Source:  NetGalley

Andreas Merrick is the king of London’s dark underworld, having amassed unimaginable wealth and power… and a fierce reputation that leaves even the bravest men quaking in their boots. Yet one person is maddeningly unintimidated by his fearsome presence: the persistent Miss Phoebe Pace.

And one kiss always leads to another . . .

Equal parts honey and steel, Phoebe will stop at nothing to find her missing brother and save her family. Though associating with Andreas means peril and scandal, she never expects to experience a passion so intense that it threatens to consume her. But enigmatic Andreas is no ordinary man to love. He brings dangers from all sides— without and within—while tempting her beyond her wildest dreams . . .

Review: I love historical romances and have read some of Ms Mallory’s past books, so when I came across this one on NetGalley, I had to give it a try. However I have mixed feelings about the book and it’s making this review hard to write. So, here I go with some of my thoughts…

In so many historicals, the lead characters are in society… or at least one of them is. In this one, neither Andreas or Phoebe is really part of the ton, which made for a different sort of read. Because of this, the characters weren’t held to quite the same rules they would face if they were navigating ballrooms and house parties. In fact, Andreas is part of the London underworld. Andreas is a pretty dark character and it was hard for me to really like him. You’d have thought with his violent actions and temper that Phoebe would be running the other direction, but she seems to find herself drawn to him and eventually falling in love (come on, I’m not giving anything away, it’s a romance after all).

The plot was interesting enough, two people from completely different backgrounds and brought together because Phoebe needs Andreas’s help in finding her missing brother. But Andreas has a little secret where her brother and father are concerned, which throws another twist into the plot. And Phoebe isn’t without her own secrets which make things even more interesting. But even with all these surprises, I often times found it hard to really get into the story. In fact, writing this review a month after reading, nothing about the book really stood out in my mind except the fact that I didn’t particularly like Andreas. Don’t get me wrong, I finished the book and was satisfied in the end, but I was also left underwhelmed. I had higher hopes for the story.

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