Book Tour Review: The Cowboy and the Vampire by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall

The Cowboy and the Vampire by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall
Series: A Darkly Romantic Mystery
Release Date: October 8, 2010
Page Count: 408
Source: ebook provided by Bewitching Book Tours

Reporter Lizzie Vaughan doesn’t realize it, but she has 2,000 years of royal Vampiric blood coursing through her veins. Neither she nor Tucker, her cowboy lover, has any idea that Julius, the leader of the undead, has a diabolical plan to reign over darkness for all eternity—with Lizzie at his side.

Lizzie battles for her life—and her soul—as she and Tucker find themselves caught up in a vampire war, pursued by hordes of Julius’ maniacal, bloodthirsty followers.

Who will be left standing when the sun rises?

Review: I love vampires and cowboys so I was truly excited to read this book. The book is broken up into three parts, the first part is written in first person from two characters POV: Elizabeth and Tucker. The last two parts are written in third person POV. The reason why I mention this is because the first part of the book it was hard to keep track of who was saying what. I would have to go back to figure out if it was Elizabeth or Tucker speaking. Once I passed those parts I was intrigued because it was not a typical vampire book I read, but once I kept on I found myself rolling my eyes and at one point actually said aloud “Really”.

I like to read books that step out of the norm and this one does but not in a way I liked. There is a lot of reference to the bible and the authors even wrote how Jesus was a vampire, also mentions Lazarus who is one of the oldest powerful vampires who is at war with Julius. The other things which bothered me were mention of menses and how Julius needed to drink from Elizabeth during this time to become the most powerful vampire. I did not find it very appealing. Overall there were good fight scenes and at times suspenseful, but then felt short lived because either the scene was not long enough or they would skip it altogether and felt like things were missing from the story. It was okay, I think some things needed to be clarified a little better and other things were explained too much.

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