Review:Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart

Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart
Series: Addison Holmes Mysteries (#1)
Release Date: July 17,2011
Publisher: Bodysways Publishing
Page Count: 234
Source: ebook provided by author for review

My life was a disaster.

I sat in my car with a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel and watched the rain pound against the windshield. I was soaked to the skin, my skirt was ripped, and blood seeped from both knees. There were scratches on my arms and neck, and my face was blotchy and red from crying. Along with the external wounds, I’d lost a good deal of my sensibilities, most of my faith in mankind, and all of my underwear somewhere between a graveyard and a church parking lot.

I’ll explain later. It’s been a hell of a day.

My name is Addison Holmes, no relation to Sherlock or Katie, and if God has any mercy, he’ll strike me with lightning and end it all. I’ve had a job at the McClean Detective Agency for exactly six days. It’s been the longest six days of my life, and I’ll be lucky if I live to see another six. Unspeakable things, things you’d never imagine have happened to me in six days.

Now I faced the onerous task of telling Kate McClean, my best friend and owner of the McClean Detective Agency, how I’d botched a simple surveillance job and found a dead body. Another dead body.

I should have kept my job as a stripper.

Review: An entertaining, fun read. Addison has a knack for getting into trouble. She has horrible luck and it’s only going to get worse. The story was well told from a first person point of view and moved the action on at a steady pace. Addison’s mom, best friend and co-worker are the perfect addition to the story. They make the story more interesting and provide relief from Addison’s horrible mishaps that seem to happen at an unnatural pace.

Nick, the cop working on the murder case that Addison first reported when she tripped over the body, was a likeable character and you enjoyed the scenes he was in. He is a good cop, very capable and determined; because of that, this is where the only problem I have with the story comes up. The police are on the case, and an accident prone, bad luck, unexperienced high school teacher feels she needs to embroil herself in the investigation. With multiple deaths, Addison feeling she should be involved in the case was somewhat irritating, especially when she keeps crucial evidence from the police.

Overall, the story is worth reading. It is well written, entertaining and a quick read. I enjoyed the character developement of each of the principles. There were several different people involved, but Liliana gives you enough character building for each one that you feel you get to know them.


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