Review: Zola’s Magic Touch by Shiree McCarver

Zola’s Magic Touch By Shiree McCarver
Series: Beauty and the Geek
Publication Date: May 16, 2011
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press
Page Count: 176
Source: ebook provided by publisher for review

Shirou Tsubasa, a glossophobic Japanese scientist, and Zola Simpson, a determined plus-size African-American public affairs specialist, find themselves immersed in a battle of wills. NASA needs their golden boy to perform like a trick pony at an important convention in Atlanta to assure future funding, but the thought of getting up in front of hundreds causes Shirou such intense anxiety he flat-out refuses.

Frustrated and at their wits’ end, the bosses decide Zola’s magic touch is the only thing that can snap their residential genius into shape for the big event. Zola is resentful that she has to give up a planned weekend of sexual abandon with her ex after a long dry spell. However, she’s never met a geek she couldn’t crack, and Shirou Tsubasa will speak at that convention–even if she has to seduce the egghead into it.

Review: This is another cute little novella, similar to the rest of the series. Shirou is a loveable character you’d want to meet yourself in real life. Zola I didn’t like as much, but their chemistry is definitely there and well written. There are several things my analytical brain got caught up with regarding grammar, continuity, or possibility, but this is still worth a read if you have an hour or two you want to spice up with some sizzle. I am classifying it as strictly erotica, simply because the rest of the book didn’t have support through comedy, drama, mystery or characterization. Read it waiting for a plane…that would be terrific. Go watch the video for Sammy Kershaw’s “Meant to Be” on YouTube, then go read this book in the terminal and look around to see if there are any hot geeks nearby.

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