Review: Wet Heat by Jan Springer

Wet Heat by Jan Springer
Series: Vampira Series (#3)
Publication Date: June 8, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Page Count: 64
Source: ebook provided by publisher for review

Tormented and abused.
As a Blood Slave, Mati Smith craved freedom. After escaping her owners and near death, she was nursed back to health by two sexy Italian male vamps. Realizing she’d fallen in love with them and put their lives in peril, she disappeared into the human world, creating the powerful coven Vampira, where females on the run seek sanctuary and sex with males is forbidden.

Dangerous cravings.

When Mati’s two lovers reconnect their mind link, she craves physical sex like never before. She seeks relief at Vamp’s Bordella, where, under the seductive hands of two pleasure males, she defies Vampira and finds searing satisfaction.

Mind seduction.

Giovanni and Paolo have lured Mati to the bordella in order to claim her. Will she disappear again when she realizes she’s been tricked? Or will she finally submit to the scorching desires the three share? If Gio and Paolo get their way, their long-lost love will be theirs forever.

Review: This was a very fun read. I found it had a few interesting twists on the vampire theme. I was pleased that the characters seem to genuinely care for each other. The passionate descriptions had me enjoying the ride.

I am reviewing this without having read any of the other books in the series. That can sometimes be confusing but this book seems to stand alone fairly well. I am intrigued enough to want to read books one and two and maybe future books in the series as well. There were characters mentioned that may return in the future and I would love to know their stories as well.

Quote: “Mati inhaled the succulent scent of the ciclamini mimosa flowers as it drifted in erotic waves past her nostrils.”


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