Review: Trinity by Nicki Risk

Trinity by Nicki Risk
Series: Three Kinds of Wicked (#12)
Release Date: June 2010
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing, Inc.
Page Count: 141
Source: ebook provided by publisher for review

At the end of his long travails, Trey can finally go home to Elethereum to reclaim Sage from the Cradle of Displaced Souls, where she has been sentenced to await him. Trey’s plan, after being reunited with Sage, is to find some way to free Russ from the torments of a suicide’s hell. Even though Russ’s body has been destroyed, his soul lives on, and Trey can’t stand the thought of Russ’s suffering. How can he and Sage live and love while knowing that Russ is an anguished soul? They can’t. It’s simply impossible.

Review: This was an interesting concept. The idea of past lives, and how they carry over into the present has always interested me. So I went into Trinity exited to see Nicki’s interpretation of this phenomenon. It started off strong with our hero Trey ended his sentence and ready to bring the two souls who make up his ménage trios back together. The problem is he’s misinterpreted the deal, Sage is locked away in the Ether where Trey can’t enter without permission from his boss, and the third member, Russ has given up and gone to hell.

From the moment Trey finds out he has one last task to complete before he can be joined with his long time love total chaos and confusion reign. Sage has been taken away from the stasis like chamber she was placed in and unbeknownst to anyone else is currently relieving her past lives. The scenes seemed almost sporadic, and the constant shifts were confusing, jarring me from the world that Ms. Risk had woven like an expert crafts woman. I wasn’t able to achieve the emotional connection I normally have with the heroes and heroine because I didn’t feel like I was spending a tangible amount of time with any of them other than Trey.

As the time leaps continued Trey’s search for Sage, ended , yielding a shock . Together the three of them had formed a rare connection that could not be severed. Finally there’s a clear pathway to reaching his goal

Ms. Risk has a gift for original concepts. Trinity was Greek Mythology meets Sci-fi, which I loved. The world she created was fascinating and full of twists, turns and sensuality. I just wish she’d reined in the past life jumps so they didn’t overpower the great story she had set up.

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