Review: Solstice Heat by Leila Brown

Solstice Heat by Leila Brown
Release Date: December 21, 2010
Publisher: Loose Id
Source: Reposted from Violette’s website by permission

After an injury left Jason in a wheelchair he gave up the pack Alpha position, thinking he was no longer fit to lead. But the injury didn’t change his desire for a mate, companionship, a woman’s touch.

Giovanni is furious when she finds secret emails on her computer between her baby sister and Jason. Gio takes her sister’s place and shows up at Jason’s cabin. They’ve both been duped but before they can sort it out Gio ignites Jason’s temper and he snaps and sparks fly.

One little bite and their futures are forever changed. She survived his bite, but will they survive the solstice inferno their lust creates?

Review:  I’ve been hunting for a unique, enjoyable paranormal read for a while, so when my Kindle suggested this story, I was instantly intrigued. As I read the blurb, I thought “Well, I’ve never seen this before” and purchased. I’ve never been so happy with a purchase before.

Solstice Heat is worth every penny spent. First off, this story is about a former pack alpha, who gave up his position because he lost the full use of one leg, and has very limited use in the other. Jason sees himself as half a man, and definitely one third of a shifter. As their community prizes strength and no weakness, having such a debilitating injury makes him a bit of an outcast. He still has shifters loyal to him, but the females all avoid him due to his alpha-female ex, and makes for a very lonely life. Jason takes matters into his own hands and goes online, looking for a ‘submissive’ partner that could help ease the loneliness by being his mate.

Giovanni is that partner. Now, “Gio” thinks Jason is a first class pervert. She finds secret emails between Jason and her younger sister, and Gio is determined to meet with him, as her sister agreed, and kick some sense in the old pervert. She arrives to find him in a wheelchair, with two other men waiting. Thinking they’ve planned some disgusting ‘gang-bang’ with her precious little sister, Gio lets him have it.

When Gio arrives at Jason’s doorstep, he’s expecting her, but he isn’t expecting her dominance. He’s expecting a very submissive female, and as he’s backed into a corner, literally, and threatened by this woman, his beast emerges and demands her submission.

From there on out, the story is nothing short of hilarious and action-packed. Gio is one of those heroines you cheer for. She’s doesn’t hold her tongue for anything, and even gives Jason a piece of her mind concerning his position in the pack. Jason, similarly, is a very sympathetic character. When we meet him, it’s obvious he thinks of himself as less of a man, but with Gio there to talk or yell some reason into him, it isn’t long before he begins believing in himself once more.

Leila Brown wrote an exceptional paranormal romance with this story, and I highly recommend it to those looking for a unique werewolf story. My only complaint is that I wish it were longer.

Quote: “Oh, so you thought you’d bring my little sister up here with your sad story about being in a wheelchair and do some type of gang bang?” – Giovanni

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