Review: Soft Swap by Paisley Smith

Soft Swap by Paisley Smith
Release Date: May 25th, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Page Count: 60
Source: Ebook provided by publisher for review

Jess has always been curious about being with another woman. Soon after her husband Ben gives her the go-ahead to join a swingers’ website, Jess meets another couple interested in a little girl-on-girl swap.
Tina is drop-dead gorgeous and her husband Bradley is equally hot. With Ben’s blessing, Jess is soon experiencing wholly new pleasures at the hands of another woman; pleasures wrought by soft fingers, a feminine tongue…a sexy strap-on. But sex is rarely just physical. As Jess delves deeper into this taboo lifestyle, she wonders how newfound feelings for Tina will affect her relationship with her husband.
Jess quickly discovers she’s not as prepared as she thought for some aspects of her newly defined sexuality—including the fact her darkest, most secret fantasy might finally be fulfilled.

Review:  Wow. Having picked up the occasional Erotica book, one thing they tend to always have in common has been there were always multiple men to one woman. This one gives the reader a great glimpse into multiple women as partners. This book really gets to the heart of things and shows how a trusting relationship can grow between two people where sex is involved. There is actually a story here to be told, and not just porn in words.

Jess and Ben have a great life together, but Jess has really started thinking what it would be like to be with another woman. After speaking with Ben it’s decided they will join a Swingers website and see what happens. This is where they meet Tina and Bradley. As Jess and Ben go through the steps of this new lifestyle, Jess begins to questions everything. What if she is truly a lesbian, what if she falls out of love with Ben and in love with a woman, what if . . . ? Trusting in her, Ben gives her the freedom she needs to explore that side of herself. What she discoveries in the end . . . well, you’ll just have to read to find out. Also, a word to the wise . . . keep a fan and cold drink nearby, you’re going to need it. This is a very HOT read.

Quote: “What’s wrong with a girl having a Prince Charming and a Princess Charming at the same time?”

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