Review: Saving Emma by Cheryl Wright

Saving Emma by Cheryl Wright
Publication Date: 
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Page Count: 241
Source: Book submitted by author for review

Emma Larkin is running for her life-nowhere is safe. Stalked by her husband’s killers, desperate to protect her young daughter, Emma must find what the killers are looking for before she becomes their next victim. When undercover cop Gary Bedford planned a relaxing break, he hadn’t counted on bumping into Emma. Now he can’t resist the temptation to discover all her secrets. …But should Emma trust her life and heart to Gary Bedford? …And can they solve the mystery surrounding her husband’s death — and uncover his deadly secret?

Review: Saving Emma starts out a bit choppy, but smooths out soon enough. Cheryl Wright starts out with mere glimpses into what is going on and takes just a bit to hook you. Once you get hooked though, you want to continue to see how the mystery unfolds. Emma is a young widow with a precocious 4 year old daughter. You realize from the very beginning that life has been difficult for them since her husbands murder. Someone thinks she has something that they want, but she has no idea what it can be. Her and her daughter, Sally, run every time they seem to catch up to her.

They have just started over in a new town when Emma meets Gary Bedford, an undercover cop that is on a much needed break. He is instantly smitten and does what he can to get Emma’s attention. Soon, Gary and Emma become embroiled in mystery as another break-in occurs. Emma comes clean with Gary about who she really is and why she must run again, but Gary disagrees. He wants to help them settle everything so Emma and Sally can live a normal life…hopefully with him.

The story is good. I love Gary’s family, who instantly welcome Emma and Sally as one of their own. The characters are likable and well developed. It isn’t one of those mysteries where you ‘know who did it’ until it is revealed. The mystery is finding out ‘what’ they want before it’s too late.

I enjoyed the story and all of the characters, but parts of it where a little too hard to swallow. Emma and her daughter have been on the run for two years, but she allows Gary to steamroller her into a relationship the first time they meet. She doesn’t tell him who she is at first, and he doesn’t tell her he is an undercover cop. Why? I’m not sure. Gary’s intentions are good, but he keeps Emma in the dark about everything he is doing to keep her protected. The only character flaws I found where Gary’s motives at why he kept secrets from Emma, and Emma letting him take over everything. There are a few times Emma does take matters into her own hands, but they are always the worst things she could do. She doesn’t push Gary when he pointedly keeps secrets from her. When she finds out, she lets him manipulate her with sex. Not that sex is a bad thing, but when you’ve been on your own for two years trying to keep yourself and your daughter alive, she seems rather easily manipulated.

Gary’s family and little Sally are wonderful additions to the story. They keep it light when it could easily become depressing. Sally is a treasure that takes after her mom with her attitude; it’s just too bad Emma doesn’t use the attitude to have some control in her own life once Gary enters it.

There’s a lot of sweet, humorous and quick witted moments that make the story enjoyable. Even with Gary taking over everything, you like him and you hope the best for him and Emma. Cheryl has a talent for keeping you interested in the story, keeping it moving and bringing it all together in the end.


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