Review: Rosalee Station by Mandy Magro

Rosalee Station by Mandy Magro
Publication Date: May 30, 2011
Publisher: Penguin
Pages:  288
Source:  book provided by author for review

Sarah Clarke’s dream is to experience life in the real outback. When her boyfriend Brad offers her a job with him on Rosalee Station, she can’t believe her luck. But within days of arriving, her relationship is in tatters, and the dream is fast losing its luster.

Sarah stays on to prove herself in the unforgiving land, earning the admiration of Matt, the station owners’ son. Beneath the wide outback skies, the pair are irresistibly drawn to each other, until a stolen kiss leads to disaster. Sarah leaves Rosalee, convinced she’ll never see Matt again – but fate has a way of intervening . . .

From the thrill of mustering cattle to the wild adrenaline of a country rodeo, this passionate love story takes you to the very heart of the Australian outback.

Review:  Rosalee Station had the potential to be quite a good book, but, unfortunately, it didn’t even come close to reaching its potential. The plot idea for the novel was an interesting one, but it wasn’t explored thoroughly enough. This combined with the predictability of the resolution, which was caused by the absolute lack of plot twists, is what mainly let the novel down.

However, Rosalee Station might have been less of a disappointment had the characters been developed properly into interesting three dimensional characters, instead of the rather unlikable characters, which seemed almost stereotypical, that they were actually portrayed as in the novel. This flaw was most likely partially the cause of the relationship between the main characters lacking any real chemistry and seeming almost unbelievable.

Unfortunately, the plot problems combined with the uninteresting characters and the oddly distant ‘relationship’ between the main characters didn’t make Rosalee Station an overly enjoyable read.


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