Review: Party Games by Elise Hepner

Party Games by Elise Hepner
Publication Date: May 10, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 46
Source:  ebook provided by publisher for review

William’s boring lovemaking leaves Charlotte unsatisfied. Harboring fantasies she can’t put into words, she longs for a sexual voice but finds herself too stifled by her proper social upbringing.

When a blackout hits their resort hotel and William proposes a sexy version of hide-and-seek, playtime takes on a whole new salacious meaning. Charlotte’s mind races with sexual scenarios. But even her fantasies fail to compare to the titillating adventure her husband has planned for her—with the help of another man.

Soon everything she knows about lust will be irreversibly changed—and she’ll moan for more.

Reader Advisory: Contains scorching-hot M/M/F sexual scenarios, a woman giving orders on an erotic high and slight trickery.

Review:  Fair warning, there’s no way to write this review without spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading.

I knew going in to reading this novella that this was an erotica based on a married couple spicing up their love life by bringing in another man.  Sounds fun.  Too bad the blurb is misleading.  From that blurb, it sounds like Charlotte and William have a decent relationship, just lackluster sex life.  But as the story opens, Charlotte is hiding in a closet during some odd game of hide and seek, during a black out at some sort of corporate event.  Charlotte has a little flash back showing the reader that she’s not terribly happy in her marriage and she thinks William is cheating on her.

Then we jump back to the present where during hide and seek, she’s found by David, a business associate of her husband’s that she’s been lusting after.  Since they’re still in hiding, she decides to have a fling with David.  And this is where I get turned off.  I don’t like affairs in my stories.  It’s one thing when the couple agree to bring in a third person — TOGETHER.  But in this case, she’s consciously making the decision to cheat.

Hot closet sex scene ends and Charlotte sneaks out only to find her husband has been eavesdropping.  We learn that William arranged for David to find Charlotte and seduce her.  Lots of hard to following reasoning later, the trio decide to play around in the closet giving the reader some more hot sex scenes, including some m/m action.

Hot sex aside (which is the only reason this book didn’t get a “seedling” rating), there’s too many holes in the plot.  The cheating aspect turned me off.  But reasonings on why she decides to cheat or why the three decide to participate in a menage just didn’t make much sense to me.  I found the whole “party game” at what appears to be a business gathering rather strange.  And as mentioned before, the blurb was pretty misleading.


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