Review: One Week by Liz Strange

One Week by Liz Strange
Release Date: May, 3 2011
Publisher: Captiva Press

Source: from the author

It only takes one week to turn your world upside down.

Shannon McCallister gets an unexpected opportunity to advance in her career when her supervisor decides to send her to London to close an important business deal. While there, she has a chance encounter with an attractive and much younger man, which opens the door to the most exciting week of her life.

Each day brings Shannon a sexual fulfillment she has never known before, and that at forty-one she never expected to have. Even more surprising are the feelings being stirred up, which linger long after they’ve left the bedroom and she’s returned home.

One week suddenly doesn’t feel long enough–but is it long enough to fall in love?

Review:  One Week is pure delight. It’s a quick, easy read about a woman and a younger man who meet and have a whirlwind affair in London – for just one week. Have you ever fantasized about having wicked hot sex with someone you just met? How about having sex in a public place, where there’s the risk of getting caught adding to the excitement? Come on, it’s just us girls – you can tell us! You’ll want to be sure to read this next to the pool, so you can cool off quickly!

One of the things I like about this book, besides some very hot sex, is that there’s also a story. The ending will leave you wondering what might have happened if the story was just a bit longer. One Week is a well written story that is very enjoyable. Contemporary erotic romance readers will love this book.

Quote: “Who are you?” she asked. “Just a guy,” he answered. He kissed her again, like his life depended on it. (Page 11)


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