Review: On Caristo’s Watch by Billy London

On Caristo’s Watch by Billy London
Publisher: Beautiful Trouble Publishing
Page Count: 204
Source: Personal Review, reposted with permission from Violette’s website

Tony Caristo was just minding his own business, waiting for his selfish bullet-magnet of a best friend to get out of surgery, when the sexiest nurse he’d ever seen walked right up to him, all luscious figured. All she was missing was a fig leaf and a snake around her shoulders. Rather than offering him the knowledge of the gods, she told him off with an Irish-lilted wit.

His interest absolutely piqued, he realised he’d have to do something about her, pretty damn quick. Tony wasn’t a man given to waiting around for good things to happen to him. And Lydia was all good, every single, five foot eight, double F-cupped inch of her. When Lydia asks Nick for a favour, Nick reminds him just what a good friend he is by letting Tony handle it. And he can’t wait.

Lydia Mills hasn’t the time for nonsense, especially being in sole charge of her younger brother. All she needs to do is get him into university without getting him killed. She’s spent the last month literally trying to kick some sense into her ex-boyfriend so he wouldn’t get back at her through her brother. Now, Lydia decides to use a bigger stick to change said ex-boyfriend’s mind. Turning to Nick Da Canaveze for help is a last resort, but it was like someone had gifted her with a nuclear weapon. Nick handed over Tony to do the hard work, completely convinced that Lydia would come through her troubles in one piece. If Tony didn’t behave himself, there was no telling the same could be said for him. Always the protector and never the protected, Lydia is surprised by just how much she has in common with the Giant. For all his stealth, intelligence and inappropriate wit, Tony is undeniably, irresistibly unforgettable.

On Caristo’s Watch is a tale featuring characters from Windows, now part of the Italian Knights Collection, showing that behind every criminal mastermind is a woman who will drive him to distraction with a look, a quip and a dress made to start all sorts of trouble.

Review: Billy London is one of those authors who effortlessly creates some of the funniest characters in the world of romance. Tony Caristo is Nick Da Canaveze’s second-in-command who we met in her first book, Windows. I particularly remembered Tony after an encounter that included Nick’s fiancée Gina, a pair of breasts on display, and Tony seeing an eyeful he’s always appreciated. That he comments, “Nice rack” sealed the deal that I’d need a story for him, and it would be awesome. Ms. London delivers and then some. She weaves a tale so deep, but hilarious, that you can’t help but love Tony Caristo, and Lydia Mills, the woman who ‘tames’—and I use that so loosely—him.

Lydia is having a bad day, make that a bad couple of months. She’s almost a damsel in distress, a damsel with a quick mouth and a pair of fists she doesn’t mind planting her in her ex-boyfriend’s face. Apparently the ex, who happens to be a weasel, rat gangster who’s definitely psychotic, didn’t get the memo because he begins stalking her, and in doing so, starts threatening her younger brother. While Lydia is tough and believes she can take care of herself, as the threats become more and more concerning, she decides she needs help…even if help means involving her bullet-magnet patient Nick Da Canaveze and his lucrative connections. After some concern, Nick agrees to help, and gives Tony the ‘case.’ Tony, of course, is pleased to be assigned to his ‘Lyds’ with the ‘fantastic tits’ and proceeds to charm her into liking him. And some charming it is.

What follows is nothing short of hilarious. Tony is threatened with everything but the kitchen sink—scalpels and other sharp objects included—but he’s persistent, and when he wants something, he goes after it hard. And Tony really, really, wants Lydia. There’s ‘courting’ where Tony shows Lydia his wicked dancing skills by introducing her to Gyptian (If you don’t know who Gyptian is, you’ll want to know—YouTube is your friend) and there’s risotto making, another scene that makes you gasp with uncontrollable laughter. As in Windows, Billy London brings the steam in this story as well. Tony might be ridiculously arrogant, but he’s got serious reason. There are also scary moments dealing with the psychotic ex, and all I will say of him is he’s so certifiable he should be wearing a white jacket with straps.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved charming, funny, and oh-so-serious when his woman is threatened Tony, damsel yet not quite in distress Lydia, Nick and Gina’s awesome cameos, and the hoard of future potential Italian Knights.

If you haven’t read Windows, I’d recommend you read that first, and then get to On Caristo’s Watch. Trust me, this is a collector’s item. You’ll want all of these stories.

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