Review: Lunar Lovers by Emma Abbiss

Lunar Lovers by Emma Abbiss
Release Date: July 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Page Count: 70 pages
Source: ebook provided by publisher for review

On an ancient space station, Samius recognizes Achelle, a half-human, half-Rane female, as his mate the moment he smells her sexy scent. Knowing their lust for each other will soon become uncontrollable, he races to get them home to his brothers so all seven of them can complete the Rane bonding ritual—mating and marking her as part of their family.

Samius’ brothers accept Achelle as his mate and she accepts them into her body, but is horrified at what she’s done when she wakes the next morning. Before Samius can explain her heritage and their culture, Achelle runs from him—and right into trouble, leaving her wondering if she’ll ever find a place where she belongs.

Review: Lunar Lovers is part of the Ellora Cave line Aeon. It is the first one of this line that I have read and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. Achelle is a half human, half-Rane female who has no idea about Rane customs. Keeping that in mind the book heads into the sexual territory really quickly. Which I don’t mind, lets be honest that’s part of the reason we read erotic romance. For the hot scenes. And let me tell you there were some hot scenes in this 70 page book.

Samius and Achelle are a wonderful couple. I think it would be wonderful to see their relationship explored a bit more deeply and i would have loved a few more pages to get better acquainted with them. I think there is a lot there that could be addressed in a series. For one the brothers of Samius have stories that are dying to be told as well. That would be six other books lest the author lumps the twins together. Which I could actually see happening. The twins in the book Erris and Errol seem joined at the hip. Which is quite natural with them being twins, right along with the link the family all share in general. Being Rane they can all link into each others minds with the bond that they share.

The bonding ritual with Samius and Achelle and the brothers once again was exciting and very heated. I loved the back and forth conversations between the brothers and the fun of having Samius even though he knows the bond is needed, still jealous about what needs to happen between the brothers and his mate. There is also conflict with Achelle feeling as if she had done something wrong and that she had been lied to by Samius in order for him to sex with her. Which with her past history of having a mother who was a prostitute is understandable why she feels it is such a wrong thing. What makes it worse is she enjoys it. Achelle’s past seems to have a way of following her in the form of a Captain of the ship she was on before meeting Samius. His intentions aren’t as honorable as Samius’.

I enjoyed the book though I would have liked a bit more to be touched on the conflict in the ending.

I would recommend this book for those looking for something fun, different and on the hot side.


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