Review: Hearts and Harbringers by Olivia Waite

Hearts And Harbingers by Olivia Waite
Release Date: May 25, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Page Count: 66
Source: ebook provided by publisher for review

On the very outskirts of polite society, Millicent Harbinger has always found a way to cover the gaming debts of her wastrel brother Duncan. His most recent losing streak is bound to ruin them, however, and her brother’s solution is to arrange for Mill to marry the odious Lord Wart. In desperation, Mill decides to anonymously sell her virtue at a well-reputed brothel and kill two birds with one stone—she will have enough money to cover the debt, and her status as a fallen woman will dissuade Lord Wart from claiming her as his bride.

Jasper Goldeby, Marquess of Holder, takes one look at Mill’s piercing green eyes and purchases her favors at double the asking price—a fortune that could support the Harbingers for life. The night Mill and Jasper share astonishes and transforms them both—and Jasper quickly realizes one night could never be enough.

Review: Well. I wasn’t expecting this to be a book I would really enjoy. While I like steamy romance novels, this one was WAY beyond steamy and I still REALLY enjoyed this! Olivia Waite has a beautiful writing talent and one that I would love to read more work by. She instantly drew me in and took me a wonderful whirl wind ride in this short novella.

A historical novella through and through, with Mill being married off to a man she doesn’t love, and turning to live life in a brothel as tainted lady. I could just see the brothel rise before my eyes. Wow! And Jasper…..oh my! I would LOVE to have a Jasper in my life! Jasper and Mill hit it off instantly. The passion and sparks that flew between them was absolutely mind blowing. A tale of love being found in the most unexpected places, Jasper and Mill will touch your heart and pull you into the erotic ride of a passion filled night full of steam.

I would definitely recommend this novella to all who enjoy a good, HOT, steamy romance story. It’s a quick, enjoyable ride and full of some laughable moments, too. Definitely a 4 star book in this reader’s opinion! I can’t wait to read more Olivia Waite work!


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