Review: Harbor Moon Series by T. L. Mitchell

Summer Romance and Hunter’s Dawn by Traci Mitchell
Series: Harbor Moon, books 1 and 2
Release Date: Summer Romance-September 3, 2010
Hunter’s Dawn-June 10, 2011
Publisher: kNight Romance Publishing
Page Count: 19
Source: books provided by publisher for review

Summer Romance: Ordinary 16 year old Deanna Lansford was prepared for another boring summer with her parents on Leech Lake, but things soon changed when she met Eric Matthews. Her life revolved around reading paranormal romances, but never did she dream of actually meeting a wolf shape shifter, and not to mention one so hot. Deann knows she must keep Eric’s secret from her parents, but she soon discovers a secret of her own that may cost Eric his life.

Hunter’s Dawn: The story continues with Deanna and Eric in the small town of Twin Harbor. A sudden animal attack throws the little town of Twin Harbor into an uproar, but it’s Deanna who doesn’t take the news well. After reading bits and pieces of a tatty old hand written journal, she begins to consider the possiblity that Eric might be the killer. Deanna’s birthright is a Hunter. The very people who kill dangerous and evil werewolves. With no hope on the horizon, Deanna finds herself caught in a horrific situation and she must accept what she is to become. Can the love between two teenagers save them? Or will nature make the selection?

Review:  This author has a really easy writing style that I enjoyed reading. My main problem was that the “books” are so short (at nineteen pages each). It would be nice for Mitchell to develop the characters and setting more in depth.

Without spoiling either “book” for you, I can tell you that the stories involve werewolves, shapeshifters, hunters, and the battle between good and evil (while trying to be normal teens going to school and having a life). While book one introduces us to the characters and how they meet, book two gives us a good idea of Deanna’s internal turmoil regarding her transformation to a Hunter, as well as Eric’s apprehension to become involved with someone he considers an enemy. Book three will be the final installment and is titled, Harbor Moon: Dark Reunions.

Quote: “The last two weeks of my life had been an incredible change, mixed with enlightened revelation on all our behalves. It turned out Eric and his Dad had been wrong about some of the Hunters.” Page 17