Review: Fire on Dark Water by Wendy K. Perriman

Fire on Dark Water by Wendy K. Perriman
Publication Date: June 7, 2011

Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group
Page Count: 324
Source: publisher for review

Born a despised gypsy and tricked into a life of debauchery, Lola Blaise quickly finds herself at the mercy of the harsh ways of the world and of the men who inhabit it. But in the New World awaits a different fate full of passion, danger, and freedom: a life of piracy.

On the island of Nassau, Lola’s slatternly ways pay for her keep until she lands a place on the Revenge, a ship captained by the infamous Blackbeard, a loathsome man with an appetite for pleasure. In the midst of a pirate’s life, Lola must use every hard-earned skill in her arsenal to survive. And if she can break free from being a pawn in the games of men, Lola may finally become the master of her own destiny…

Review: Ahoy! And beware–there’s no Cap’n Jack here. Fire on Dark Water is a novel about piracy and the gritty lives the pirates lived told through the eyes of a gypsy whore. It has not been romanticized–it is real, bloody, and not for the squeamish. But…it is also elegantly written, blending fact and fiction into a riveting tale. Perriman’s voice of Lola is so enthralling, you’ll forget you’re sitting in a recliner in the 21st century instead of taking every step alongside her.

Lola Blaise accepts her fate early in life. A gypsy compromised at an early age, abandoned by her people, and eventually indentured, she earns a living the only way she can–as a prostitute. But Lola is resourceful and has a few tricks up her sleeve. She makes herself useful to others and ends up “marrying” Blackbeard and serving aboard one of his ships as an apothecary.

Fire On Dark Water is a great read, eloquent and near poetic, despite its rough topic. It entertains, informs, and gives the reader a candid look into a long past time–the real pirates of the Caribbean.

Favorite Quote: No quote per say, but it is charming and fun that Lola ends each chapter with a version of “that is that.” I looked forward at the end of each for her wrap up.


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