Review: Falling by Cecelia Gray

Falling by Cecilia Gray
Series: A Flirty Fantasy of Fallen Idols (#1)
Release Date: July 22,2011
Publisher: The Alpha Division LLC
Page Count: 61
Source: ebook provided by author for review

Alexis isn’t afraid of much. She’s never met a cliff she didn’t want to climb or a waterfall she wouldn’t plunge over. Yet when her fiancé leaves and takes her daring edge with him, she swears off love….

Until one wild night out at San Francisco’s latest hard-to-find, impossible-to-get-into new club where she discovers more than just a stiff drink awaits her inside, because the owner of this club is the sexiest man she’s ever met—and the most dangerous. A few hundred years ago, Jason made a very bad bargain with a very vengeful goddess.

Now it’s time for him to pay up, either with his soul… or his heart. And when one long look at Alexis makes him understand just how hellish a life of unrequited love could be, suddenly the alternative doesn’t sound so bad. Only it turns out, the alternative isn’t just hellish—it is hell… and Alexis is the only one who can spring him loose. If, that is, she’s brave enough to try…

Review: This is one short that really packs a punch! The witty wording jumped off the screen right from the first sentence. I laughed out loud as the shunned goddess Myah compared her fellow Greek gods to high school teens. It’s clear from the start Myah is a woman scored, and ready to take on those she feels wronged her. Betrayed by her twin Eros she has a chip on her shoulder the size of the empire state building. As we move on from Myah to the modern day world I know the little minx has something up her sleeve.. The transition from Myah to our Heroine is seamless, and I was left feeling like a winner of a two for one prize.

Cecilia has a talent for instilling warmth and weight into her characters. That combined with her distinctive settings created a realism that kept me immersed in her story. Her heroine Alexis was refreshingly unique. The 6’3 competitive athlete, who’s famous for her death defying feats, is nursing a broken heart, and an endangered career. When her fiancée left her for a model he took her mojo with him. Unable to climb since she’s been jilted Alexis is bereft like a boat adrift in the sea. Her twin Laurie decides the best remedy to end her rut is a night out. So off to the newest club they go. When Laurie’s night out comes equipped with a list of five tasks Alexis must accomplish a red flag with the words MAYHEM displayed waves in my head.
I’m not disappointed. The list leads Alexis to a fire escape in the back alley where she meets our tall, dark and handsome hero, Jason.Who happens to own the elite club Alexis was refused entry into. Their banter is adorable and the attraction sizzles off the page. Their near kiss is ended by Jason’s abrupt mood change, and I just knew there was more to this man and his club than meets the eye.

It turns out the club caters to witches and Laurie is a powerful one. Ignorant to her abilities Laurie makes an offhand comment about Jason falling for Alexis which comes true. Both sisters find themselves thrust into a world peppered with danger, passion, and self discovery. Ms. Gray , You hit this one out of the park. I can’t wait to read the next story in this series.

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