Review: The Dragon Slayer by Jianne Carlo

The Dragon Slayer by Jianne Carlo
Series:Viking Warriors (# 2)
Release Date:April 1, 2011
Publisher:Etopia Press
Page Count: 97
Source:author for review

Ruard, the Viking warrior known as The Dragon Slayer, has no great hopes for the wife he’s to take as the lord of Dunsmuir Castle, so long as she’s a biddable wife, with all her teeth, who doesn’t drool—a plain, humble woman. He has no use for the flame-haired nymph with breasts as ripe as melons and whose supple hips beckon a man’s hands. Nor for a maiden with a stubborn chin and flashing eyes that speak of naught but trouble.

Catriona hopes for a husband ‘twill be easy to poison. Lord Ulfric holds her sister captive and demands Catriona do his bidding: poison his Viking rival, the man they call the Dragon Slayer. Catriona hopes for a cruel warrior, a man easy to hate, not this Thor god come to life with golden hair, sky blue eyes, and a laughing smile. Her sister’s life depends on it, but how can she slay this Ruard, her new husband, who makes her heart pound with joy?

Review:  Short, sweet and definitely hot! The Dragon Slayer by Jianne Carlo is a delicious escape to the Northumbrian Border. Ruard and Catriona enter into their marriage with two very different objectives. Ruard wants to become Lord of Dunsmuir Castle and Catriona wants to save her sister from Lord Ulfric. The chemistry between Ruard and Catriona sizzles off the page. The author’s description of Dunsmuir Castle and the surrounding lands paint a picture of a time long ago. I enjoyed the relationship between Ruard and his brother Njal. I would love to learn more about the wicked Lord Ulfric and his dealings before he holds Gaeierla captive. This is a fast paced, well-written book that leaves you wanting more.

Quote: “The outline of a fire-spewing dragon was drawn on the cusp of his shoulder. This creature, this man they called The Dragon Slayer, would protect her.”

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