Review: Cowboy Come Home by Janette Kenny

Cowboy Come Home by Janette Kenny
Release Date: November 1, 2011
Publisher: Zebra Books
Page Count: 320
Source: ARC from author for review

Believe In Second Chances. . .

Trey March never wanted to see Daisy Barton again. But there she is, in over her pretty little head running the JDB Ranch—and standing between him and the small fortune he’s owed. Now if he wants to get his due, he’ll have to save the ranch first. . .working side-by-side with the only woman he’s ever loved.

Without her overprotective father to guide her, Daisy’s trying to stand on her own at last. But a sinister foreman with a grudge seems determined to cut her down at every turn. And Trey, the one man she can count on, is the same man she could never trust herself to resist. . .not even now, when her heart—and her life—are at stake.

Review:  Trey March is your typical average cowboy (ranch worker) he keeps to himself and stays out of trouble and never lies. That is until he ends up in the arms of the young and beautiful Daisy Barton,the boss’s daughter ! The more time they spend in each others arms the more Daisy falls in love ,but Trey is too on edge about his own mixed up life to even begin to think of such talk. Daisy however believes that Trey will come around and they will eventually get married. But then suddenly Trey is gone without so much as a goodbye note.

Daisy is torn,alone,heartbroken and expecting ! Fast forward a few months and you find Daisy now running the ranch and debts of her deceased father. Add Trey suddenly showing up at her doorstep demanding payment owed to him by her father and you get a volatile mix of emotions welling up. Trey is also telling Daisy he never left but was kidnapped and left for dead by her father. Of course Daisy is outraged by this accusation but after some consideration ,a conversation underlined with hatred,heartache and “secret love” Daisy and Trey strike a deal.

Trey will help Daisy get her cattle across to her fathers other ranch before they die of thirst,in exchange he only asks what is owed to him nothing more and nothing less. Now as simple and easy as that sounds Daisy and Trey’s journey is filled with untold secrets and dangers around every corner.

For you see Trey and Daisy’s life are in danger at the hands of more than one hidden evil source . The evil ex foreman and good old fashioned outlaws of the Wild West allowes for gripping intense moments through out the book. And not to mention the fact that there is Daisy’s ex-fiance who desperately wants her back but could at the same time be one of those wanting Daisy dead, and Daisy having memory loss does not help much either.

Trey having his own secrets and trying to come to terms with his past makes sure Daisy understands that he is not a beat about the bush kind of guy and will not tell her the words she so desperately craves to hear,but he is still insisting they marry. Daisy in turn makes sure Trey understands that she will not marry him simply because she needs protection ,nor can she seems to keep the notion of him wanting to marry her for her land out of her head !

But the real question is can Trey face his past and can Daisy overcome her fears and reveal her secret? Trey and Daisy’s journey takes you on a wild west adventure like no other written by the super talented Janette Kenny.

Janette Kenny has one of the most powerful and riveting styles of writing that I have seen in a long time. In Cowboy Come Home Janette weaves a tale of passion,intrigue and good old fashioned Texas romance. Each and every page takes you closer to a world filled with secrets just waiting to be brought to light,and when they do you will not be disappointed but simply more intrigued! Trey and Daisy’s story will have you hanging onto the edge of your seat and wanting more.

It is a tale that clearly proves true love can survive against all odds and when meant to be together ,the one you love will bring you home.


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