Review: The Boss’s Bedroom Agenda by Nicola Marsh

The Boss’s Bedroom Agenda by Nicola Marsh
Publication Date: January 1, 2010
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 192
Source: provided by author for review

Hired for the boss’s pleasure!
The instant Beth Walker comes face to face with her new boss, tall, tanned and incredibly toned Aidan Voss, they can’t take their eyes off one another…

Beth is well aware that CEO AIdan has one rule of business: to keep his personal life out of the boardroom! But he has decided that Beth is the exception that proves the rule…He may not be able to offer her any more than a hot and steamy fling, but he’s a master of seduction-and he’s moved Beth to the top of his ‘To Do’ list…


Review: Aiden “the boss” Voss has one rule, never get involved with your employees. But when Beth “fancy feet” Walker walks into his life wearing to die for killer heals she knocks him completely well and truly of his neat organized archaeological professor feet!

Beth’s outlook on life is simply this,she believes to live life everyday to the max ,never be boring and never wear anything you don’t want and most importantly all ways wear the shoes you feel makes your current mood!

So when she has a somewhat uncomfortable encounter with her new boss Aiden on her first day she decides that it will not bother her. However getting Aiden and his sexy as sin voice out of her head and even more sinful body ,is not so easy- so she pursues Aiden with all of her femine powers and convinces him to take a chance on the two of them.

All goes well and the electricity between them is explosive ,hot and passionate! But within just a few days it becomes clear to Beth that Aiden has a first love that he can never let go of,digging in the dirt of ancient ruins looking for relics is his passion and he is not about to give that up for a woman -NOT AGAIN !

Beth overhears a conversation between Aiden and his father and decides that she needs to let Aiden go before she looses her heart completely. Aiden can’t come to a decision ,does he leave his passion behind again and take a chance on the woman he has fallen for or does he leave Beth behind. He quickly comes up with a resolution that will be good for them both but convincing Beth to take him up on his offer proves somewhat difficult.

Can Beth leave behind the life of stability she fought so hard to make for herself or will see follow the man she loves.

Find out in this absolutely sizzling book by Nicola Marsh a top Australian author who ‘s unique sexy sassy sense of writing really makes your blood pressure rise notch by notch page by page !


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