Review: 1105 Yakima Street by Debbie Macomber

1105 Yakima Street by Debbie Macomber
Series: Cedar Cover (#11)
Release Date: August 30, 2011
Publisher: MIRA
Page Count:  400
Source: NetGalley

1105 Yakima Street, Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader, You’ve probably heard that my wife has left me. Rachel’s pregnant, and she says she can’t handle the stress in our household anymore. My thirteen-year-old daughter, Jolene, is jealous of her. Maybe it’s my fault. As a widower I spoiled her — Jolene was reading over my shoulder just now and says that’s not true. She claims Rachel ruined everything. But that’s not true. The real question is: How can I get my wife back? I don’t even know where she is. She’s not with Teri Polgar or any of her other friends from the salon. The other question is… when will Jolene grow up and stop acting like such a brat? Of course, I’m not the only one in town with problems. Linc Wyse’s father-in-law is trying to destroy his business. And you know Charlotte Rhodes? Seems she’s becoming forgetful, and the family’s worried about her and Ben. Lots of other stuff going on — but Rachel is better at keeping up with it than I am. If you have any idea where my wife is, give me a call. Please. Bruce Peyton

Review:  Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series is one of my all-time favorites.  I enjoy going back to visit all those beloved citizens each year as a new book is released.  And I was saddened to hear that the series is ending come this October when 1225 Christmas Tree Lane is released.

When I picked up this book, I was excited that Rachel and Bruce’s story was going to be told.  They’ve been secondary characters for years and we’ve watched their relationship unfold.  And now it was their turn to shine by being the lead story.  However, in 400 pages, they were the stars in about 150 of them.  I understand Ms Macomber has a lot of story lines she is trying to tie up, but I felt a little cheated by how little time we got to spend with Rachel and Bruce.

That said, I did enjoy getting to catch up with other people and couples from around Cedar Cove… I just wish that it hadn’t taken up so much of the story.  Unless you’ve read previous books, the following run down isn’t going to make any sense to you.

  • Olivia is still recovering from cancer and now has to deal with her mother’s failing health.
  • Charlotte (the aforementioned mother) and Ben deal with the after effects of a house fire.
  • Grace and Cliff adopt a new puppy, much to Grace’s chagrin.
  • Will and Miranda try to work with each other without killing each other.
  • Shirley’s new romance takes the next step.
  • Linc and Lori have to deal with Lori’s overbearing father.
  • Chad and Gloria deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

And these are just the highlights.  The reader keeps jumping around to each of these stories while keeping up with Bruce and Rachel.  Even though I don’t feel any of the threading plots really got the attention they really deserved,  I found myself laughing and crying as I read.  Ms Macomber has a way of touching my heartstrings which keeps me coming back for more.

If you haven’t read this series, I highly suggest reading them in order as each book builds on the last and you’d likely be lost if you started this far along.  Here’s a handy widget for the book order.  And you really won’t be disappointed for trying out these books… I know I haven’t been.


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