Playlist: The LA Commandments

The L.A. Commandments by Gillian Duffy

Joanne Kavanagh and best friend Suzie pack their bags and swap dreary, depressing Dublin for the cool Californian coast. Both are determined to start a new life in the land of opportunity, leaving behind the recession and their complicated families. They make a pact at the airport to stick religiously to the ‘LA Commandments’, a list of ten ‘Thou Shalt Nots’ for their new life in LA, including ‘Thou Shalt Not Fall in Love’, but when Jo befriends sexy, shy musician Marc, and Suzie falls for womanizing barman Chris, not only are the commandments at risk of being broken, but also the girls’ hearts…

With all California has to offer — sunshine, shopping, killer nightlife, and drop-dead-gorgeous men, will the girls stay faithful to the LA Commandments?