Meet the Reviewers: Terri

Kinflicks (Virago Modern Classics)By day I’m a lawyer and by night I’m typing away at short stories and my work-in-progress novel. I love social networking with other writers and I’ve made forever friendships there. I live and work out of a huge Civil War era pile of bricks that is impossible to heat, has a leaky roof and I love every minute of it. Sometimes when it is very quiet, I imagine I can hear the whispers of the history this old place has seen. Aided by my two intrepid Chihuahuas, Scruffy and Foxy, I find the humor in small town life and blog about it as part of a gang of writers at My own ramblings can be found at my blog: Readin, Rittin and Rhetoric (

My favorite books are without number, but I’ll list a few. Romance – The Far Pavillions by M.M. Kaye. Horror – The Stand by Stephen King. Absolutely impossible to categorize – Kinflicks by Lisa Alther. Lisa tells an uncomfortable truth. Families and love may come and go, but the person in the mirror is always with us. Now, of course, she tells this truth wrapped up in satire with a side order of hilarity!