Review: West of Heaven by Barbara Scott

West of Heaven by Barbara Scott
Release Date: April 15, 2011
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Page Count:117
Source: The author for review on Romancing The Book

Marcella McGovern arrives in Onion Creek, Texas for the reading of the will of her unknown benefactress. Accompanied by the attorney who managed her education but kept the secret of her parenthood, she soon discovers more shocks than her prim upbringing has prepared her to face. The late proprietress of the local house of ill repute, Miss Sophie Castleman, and Clint Harte, wealthy cattle baron of the Heart O’ Gold Ranch, were murdered in each others arms. The will names Marcella as their secret daughter and the inheritor of Sophie’s bawdy house and all Harte’s marketable cattle. Complicating the inheritance is Lucky Desloge, Sophie’s disreputable but all too-tempting majordomo, a prime suspect in the murders, and all Sophie’s working girls who are in hiding in her boarded-up house. Then Clint Harte’s angry widow issues Marcella an ultimatum, get the cattle off the Heart O’ Gold or pay the price. 

Review:  I really love historical books. I love an author who can create a novel that will instantly transport me to another place in time. I love being able to hear the historical sounds and “seeing” the historical sites. The feel of the dust on my face comes alive. With Barbara Scott and her WEST OF HEAVEN novel, I got that and so much more.

In West of Heaven, Scott takes us on a whirlwind rollercoaster of romance and suspense. Marcella left her beloved home in Florida to travel to Corpus Christi Texas to hear th reading of her benefactress’ will. Once there, she discovers SO much more than the had planned on. And, once that happens, the suspense and the action roll in to place, leaving the reader thirsty for what happens next.

Jean Luc “Lucky” Deslodge is a broken man. After a shooting accident in the war, he’s left without a trigger finger and way down on his luck. The good folks of Corpus Christi blame him for the murders of his best friends. But, then Marcella arrives into, and it’s love at first sight….or is it?

There is so much that I could tell you about this story, but I will leave it for you to figure out. (I don’t give away spoilers!). I will tell you that Barbara Scott blends the perfect amount of suspense, romance, history, and humor into a wonderfully engaging novel. I definitely recommend this novel with 4 stars (Lovely Rose!) and two thumbs up!

Quote: “That, Jacob, will never be just another woman. What do you think? Can I win her over?”


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