Review: Waiting for Cary Grant by Mary Matthews

Waiting for Cary Grant by Mary Matthews
Release Date: May 25th, 2011
Publisher: Amazon
Source: Kindle copy from author for review

Harlan Michaels is a powerful trial lawyer who usually flees romance as quickly as his Gucci loafers can carry him. He’s immersed in a deadly wheel case when he meets Lana Stewart, a therapist, who is treating his orphaned client. He’s immediately intrigued by the long legged blonde’s indifference to his wealth and stature. Lana longs for a romance that’s like an old Cary Grant movie. When Lana recognizes Harlan as her fantasy hero, she emerges from her cocoon like a butterfly.

Review:  Harlan Michaels is an attorney handling the lawsuit against the company manufacturing the faulty tire that killed his client’s family. Lana Stewart is a therapist who works with children; in this case, the child whose family was killed by a faulty tire on a passing truck. He’s not a fan of commitment. She wants to fall in love with someone like Cary Grant – at least the characters he portrayed in his movies. It’s an interesting premise.

I think there will be people that like this story; it’s a romance with a little suspense and a happy ending. I found Waiting for Cary Grant to be very difficult to read. The formatting seemed to be off and made it confusing to follow. There were numerous occasions where I had to stop and re-read a passage a couple of times in order for it to make sense. These things detracted from the story for me.

Quote: “You’re Kathy’s hero.”
“Yeah. My mother always said that I’d be a hero to a girl someday. I didn’t know that she’d be eleven years old. Does she even know who Cary Grant is?” Kindle Location 3814-3817


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