Review: Tropical Treats by Cassandra Pierce

Tropical Treats by Cassandra Pierce
Release Date:  June 6, 2011
Publisher:  Secret Cravings Publishing
Pages:  25
Source:  review copy provided by publisher

Cruise ships, beachside resorts, and a sleepy Mexican village provide the
backdrop for these three scorching tales. Red-hot passions ignite when these
guys find one another under the sweltering tropical sun!

A crewman on a luxury cruise sets his new bunkmate adrift on an ocean of
pleasure. Going cabin crazy never felt so good!

The guy who sauntered up to the resort’s poolside bar wasn’t old enough to
drink, but he was old enough to enjoy a different kind of Sex on the Beach….

The college-aged American tourists were loud, rowdy, and hotter than the
desert in midafternoon. Kevin looked like the perfect antidote for his displaced
countryman’s homesickness. Is he too shy to make the most of his time in the

Review:  If you’re looking for a book with any sort of real plot, just pass on by this mini anthology by Cassandra Pierce.  Within 25 pages, 3 stories are told; all are about one night stand fantasies.  There is a short lead in to the encounter, and then a short wrap up, but the focus of each story is the hot man love.  The stories are well written, but they are short (are you seeing a theme here?).  There isn’t anything that really stands out about the book for me.  Since Amazon is selling this book for $2.99, I’d suggest passing on by (because really, it’s only 25 pages) and awaiting this to be added to a longer anthology or expanded, or perhaps offered up as a free read.

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