Review: To My Senses by Alexandrea Weis

To My Senses by Alexandrea Weis
Series: Nicci Beauvoir (#1)
Release Date: June 2007
Publisher: BookSurge
Page Count: 336
Source: From the author for review

For Nicci Beauvoir, a disillusioned New Orleans debutante, life is about practicalities until she meets a secretive struggling artist and part –time gigolo named David Alexander. In his arms she learns of passion and he finds his artistic muse. But jealous rivals and intrigues conspire against them and a brokenhearted Nicci turns to the cold and manipulative Dr. Michael Fagles for comfort. Soon fate and family intervene to save Nicci from a life without love. But her salvation comes with a tragic price that changes the course of her life forever.

Review: To My Senses by Alexandrea Weis is a well written story that pulls the reader in. Nicci is not your typical debutante. She is a strong, independent, single, woman that is happy to stay single in a world where marrying well is expected and the goal of all the young ladies. Nicci wants a career and is happy with her books. She doesn’t enjoy parties but is expected to make the rounds. She mainly goes to support her young cousin, but tries to escape as soon as possible. It’s at one of these parties that her first encounter with the mysterious David Alexander takes place.

After a few innocent meetings, the passion ignites. David seems to be the perfect man for her. He stimulates her artistic side, her passionate side and can handle her sharp tongued wit. Nicci allows him past her protective walls and gives him her trust. Then she overhears something that turns her cold inside, breaks her heart and changes the way she approaches relationships, and causes David to leave without a word.

Nicci decides the best way to forget about David is to move on, and she decided to do so with Dr. Michael Fagles, a self-absorbed and domineering man that tries to make Nicci into the type of woman she has always rebelled against. Michael is good to her, when she is doing what he expects; when she doesn’t, he corrects her and tries to make her into someone she isn’t. Nicci is so heartbroken she numbly goes along. Her family tries to talk to her, but she refuses to hear what they have to say and it drives a wedge between her and her father.

During the engagement party, Nicci’s family does something drastic to snap her out of it. It causes an uproar at the party and angers Michael and his family. Nicci is angered at first, but the family and David, finally get through to her.

It seems life is finally getting on track for Nicci and David, but then there is an unexpected and tragic twist and Nicci’s life takes another change of direction.

Without giving away the ending, this is a tragic love story that is peppered with drama, intrigue, humor, heartbreak, a hint of violence and happiness. It is a well written story that is an easy and fast read. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, even though I was startled and dismayed at the twist toward the end of the story. The only thing I’d like to have seen, since the story took place in New Orleans, would have been some local dialect infused into the story. Only one of the character out of the many introduced showed any hint of a Nawlin’s dialect. While it was stated in the story that one of the characters New Orleans accent was stronger when she was drunk, she never showed a hint of an accent other than that one time.

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