Review: Rocket To Love by Raelynn Blue

Rocket To Love by Raelynn Blue
Series: Beauty and the Geek
Release Date: February 14th, 2011
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press
Page Count: 120
Source: From publisher for review

While recreational shopping, Jewel Isles and her friends discover all kinds of deals and steals at the Atlanta Shoe and Purse Expo. While relaxing in the restaurant of a neighboring hotel, Jewel heads to the ladies room, but nearly trips over a geeky, but surprisingly handsome man. Ben Wook Sun, NASA scientist and Star Trek® lover, didn’t understand why beautiful women like Jewel Isles insisted on dating men who lacked intellectual depth. Adjusting his black-rimmed glasses, Ben made the conscious decision to convince Jewel that he was the best for her—period. It didn’t take a muscle-bound brute to scoop her up and whisk her away. He was more than capable. But first, he had to get her to go out on a date with him. Astrophysics, this wasn’t.

Review: Since I love geek romances, this was a big letdown. The blurb shows an excellent idea for a story, but in my opinion the book didn’t follow the synopsis. Jewel was interested in Ben from the beginning–there was no convincing to be found.

I think the author was trying to write erotica romance, however the story seemed to conflict itself. It jumps quickly to body parts and fantasizing, without setting up the characters. This is fine if you’re writing an erotic novella, and the book is centered on erotica and chemistry; however it’s interrupted with attempts at romance with no foundation that makes it seem like two different authors not cooperating with each other. You wind up with something I found crass that is neither erotic nor romantic.

The writing style was unimaginative and repetitive, especially for something with less than 120 pages. Much of the physical action didn’t flow or make sense—where they stood or sat or walked. Scenes that might have been interesting–dates where the author could have allowed the characters to get to know each other–were just spent fantasizing and ogling. We wind up at the end with Ben in love with all these qualities in Jewel we haven’t even been shown glimpses of.

If you want a steamy, geeky short story, check out Opposites Attract by Cat Johnson. If you want something short and erotic, I downloaded Who’s the Boss by Ella Vines (free) the other day and a dozen other free novellas at ARe. If you want something romantic and steamy, check out Ann Christopher, Flesa Black, Darah Lace, or Shawn Lane.

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