Review: Not For Sale by Sandra Marton

Not For Sale by Sandra Marton
Release Date:April 2011
Page Count:192
Source: Provided by the Author

She has what money can’t buy…

Lucas Vieira needs a translator to seal a high-profile business deal, and also a woman to pose as his girlfriend to fend off a colleague’s overeager wife—so why not kill two birds with one stone?

Linguist Caroline Hamilton jumps at the chance to earn some decent money. But when she meets her client, she realizes she may be out of her league. The powerful Brazilian seems to be interested in more than just her brains.…

Is the price of this passion too high?

Review:  Lucas Vieira is one tough,hard as nails, attractive, brilliant Brazilian and to top it all he is a self made millionaire all this at only age 33 ! He does not let anything stand in his way,he grew up without a father and was left on the street to fend for himself at the age of 7 by his no good worthless woman of ill-repute of a mother. He stole to survive and clawed his way to the top of the ladder to ensure he would never want for anything again ,would never go to sleep hungry or have to eat scraps from a dumpster and sleep on the streets. After going from one foster home to the next he takes off at the age of 18 and fights to learn anything he can and makes a multimillion dollar empire – a rising star at the age of 33 years. He keeps to himself and does not believe in being in the spotlight but prefers to keep his life private.

But his perfect life comes to a abrupt halt when he has a major business deal with a Russian tycoon who does not believe in using only mere translators do assist when it comes to business deals. Instead the Russian tycoon believes that business mixed with pleasure is the way to go, however his wife is unbeknownst to her husband trying to get Lucas into bed! Lucas thinks he has it covered as his current mistress speaks flaunt Russian and is all over him thus providing with the perfect “interception” between him and the Russian tycoon and his wife.

But suddenly Lucas’s mistress decides that what she and he has is not enough for her anymore and up and leaves ,out of his life! Now Lucas as two options cancel the biggest deal of his business career or take up the offer of one of his employees Jack Gordan. Jack sees a quick way to make some cash off his billionaire boss and suggests he hires a friend (Dani Sinclaire) of his for the night. However what Lucas does not know is that Dani is actually not only a translator but also a personal escort who makes money off some of the richest men around.

Lucas sees no other way out and decides to take Jack Gordan up on the deal. Jack then seeing his way clear to make the much sought after cash getaway gets in touch with Dani. Dani grabs the business opportunity with both hands but because she has another deal to pull of she hatches the perfect plan and decides to call a fellow translator classmate Caroline Hamilton.

Caroline is a strong independent woman who works hard for what she has, a rat infested flat with poor security, a fridge that is falling apart and a few scraps of clothing she lives everyday to the fullest working as a waitress and gets by as best she can. So when Dani tells her she pay her to pretend to be the powerful rich Lucas Vieira’s date and translator for the night she figures it is a good idea as any other as it would definitely help with the rent money next month! The only catch is that she needs to pretend to be Dani Sinclair for the night and dress to kill, so she borrows a dress from Dani (a very sexy black little number) and meets Lucas and the Russians for the evening.

All progresses relatively well over the span of the evening except for Caroline’s steady uneasiness of whenever Lucas touches or look at her. By the end of the evening both are unable to resist each other and end up having a very pleasurable evening in bed ! But the next morning Caroline is gone and Lucas’s head is reeling with mixed emotions of should he go after her or just leave it and move on with his life. He decides to go after her, of course he thinks she is Dani Sinclair so he ends up at Dani’s address ,but with a small twist of fate he finds Caroline there collecting the money Dani promised her. He immediately jumps to conclusion and walks out on Dani and Carolyn with one heck of a parting shot !

Weeks go by that Lucas no matter how hard he tries just cannot get Carolyn out of his head and tracks her down, discovering her in a state of server upset after a break in. He demands and she go with him to his home immediately and even threatens to tell the supervisor he is her fiancee is she does not agree to go with him. Being in a state of upset and with recently quitting her waitress job from hell Caroline decides to pack what she needs and goes with Lucas.

But while “living” together Lucas develops strong feelings of protection,as he comes to learn she also had a troubling childhood of sorts,but still he has the underlining mixed feelings of the profession she has chosen to make her living as he still believes her to be a escort and not a waitress. Time goes on and very soon a misunderstanding leads to a break-up with almost irreparable consequences.

Sandra Marton weaves a true tale of magical love in this one of the most captivating stories of love,passion and intrigue. She opens up a whole new world of love that we only believe exists in fairy tales. And proves that no matter the background of your live and no matter how troublesome your past is all can be overcome.Sandra Marton truly creates the most memorable characters and the gorgeous sexy men of any nationality stays with you for a long time and is guaranteed to raise any woman’s blood pressure! She has a passionate style of writing with a valuable life lesson to learn from each book she shares with the world!

I give Not For Sale a five star rating and will advise anyone who has not yet discovered Sandra’s gorgeous stories of sexy super rich brilliant international hotshots at try!

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