Review: Love Letters by Geraldine Solon

Love Letters by Geraldine Solon
Release Date: January 10th, 2011
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Page Count: 355
Source:  Provided by author for review

Bridal shop manager Chloe Rogers will soon marry Richard Foster—so she thinks—until suddenly, she bumps into her childhood sweetheart, Josh Goldman, whom she hasn’t seen in thirteen years. The sparks between Chloe and Josh fly, but Richard provides safety, financial security. Should she follow her heart or her head? The answer comes in a surprise twist. While cleaning her attic, she stumbles upon love letters written to her estranged mother forty years ago from a man she loved. When Chloe secretly brings them together again and sees how much time they’ve lost, she is challenged not to make the same mistake her mother made. Will Chloe opt for security or will she risk her heart and marry her true love?

Review:  This book was a contemporary romance that quickly captured my attention. I didn’t want to stop reading even when I had other things to do, like sleep! I laughed and cried and found myself hoping that Chloe would wake up before it was too late and ditch Richard to be with Josh. I felt a connection to the characters – especially Chloe and Nicole and could see the storyline continuing into a series (not that I’m aware of any plans to do so). I would recommend Love Letters and would read other books by Geraldine Solon.

Quotes: “You can’t tell your heart who to love.. She now understood what was missing – love and a deeper connection, which she herself longed for”

“Some people are sent for a reason, others for a season but the real one is for a lifetime.


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