Review: In Love and War by Suzanne Barrett

In Love and War by Suzanne Barrett
Release Date: January 6th, 2011
Publisher: Turquoise Morning
Page Count:

Source: Provided by publisher for review

Embittered war correspondent Quinn Lawlor returns to his ancestral home in Ireland where he finds solace in the arms of Waterford dairy farmer Meaghann Power. Meaghann must separate her daytime life as farmer and daughter of Irish rebels from nights of blazing desire for the one man she shouldn’t love. Will their passion prove strong enough to overcome a decades-old bitter struggle?

Review:  I enjoyed this novel which has an interesting plot.  A wounded war correspondent goes to a small Irish village, where his family was from before immigrating to America, to heal and write a book.  There he meets an older woman (by about 8 or so years) who is tied to the land and falls in love.  She’s hesitant to get involved because she’s older, uneducated, most of her life has been centered around her family farm, and she lives in a very small community where everyone knows everyone else’s business.  While there were times that the characters got a little whiny, complaining about the same thing over and over again, I really did grow to like them and wanted to see them get their happily ever after.

My only complaint is that the book was too political for my tastes.  Because it’s set in the early 90s when the IRA was very active, the author spent a lot of time discussing the civil war that was raging in Ireland.  Yes, parts of it were essential to the story, but often times it felt like I was reading a poly-sci or history book rather than a romance novel.  It was if the author was trying to get in all the information she learned while researching.

So to recap, it’s a good book, well-written and well-rounded.  But for someone like me, who doesn’t really like politics, it’s probably not the best choice of reading material.

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