Review: Garden of Earthly Delights by Thirteen

Garden of Earthly Delights by Thirteen
Publisher: Beautiful Trouble
Page Count: 79
Source:  Reposted with permission from Violette’s blog

When Rosemary Davis inherited Earthly Delights, her aim was to sell it as fast as she could and return to Manhattan. The enchanting garden that came with the restaurant and the passionate and creative sous-chef who tended it turned those intentions upside down.

Before Jake Cosgrove met the new owner of Earthly Delights, he simply wanted to talk her into keeping the restaurant and leave him in charge. Earthly Delights wasn’t just a place that served food, it was his home and his life. It was also the culinary feather in the toque blanche of its founder, Chef Daphne Davis, his mentor, hero, and the saving grace of those who worked there.

Plans go awry and while an unexpected midnight encounter in the lush garden conceals many things including identities, it doesn’t conceal the spark of attraction between Rosemary and Jake. With the dawn comes reality, however, and clashing agendas. Hoping to win the battle of wills, Jake issues a culinary challenge. Not to be outdone, Rosemary counters with one of her own. During the challenge, Jake begins to realize, course by delicious course that he wants much more from Rosemary than to save the restaurant…he wants Rosemary, herself. Rosemary on the other hand, isn’t quite sure what she wants…other than Jake.

With an enchanted garden filled with fresh summer produce and two talented and competitive individuals, how could either of them lose?

Review:  Garden of Earthly Delights is the second e-book, and fourth story I’ve read by Thirteen, and I can’t seem to make up my mind which is my favorite. As such, I’ve decided they are all favorites of mine.

After her mother dies, Rosemary Davis inherits Earthly Delights, a well-known upscale restaurant that puts its small town on the map. Having no emotion or physical attachment to the place, Rosemary has every intention of selling it after her mother’s funeral, and moving back to New York and her boring banking job, but for one problem: Jake Crosgrove.

Sous chef, and adopted son (not literally but for all purposes) of the late Daphne Davis, Jake is determined to persuade the new owner of Earthly Delights to keep the restaurant and let him run it. What comes as a surprise is his intense attraction to her, and he finds himself distracted on every occasion that he speaks to her.

Jake wants Rosemary, but he also wants her to keep Earthly Delights, and if he has to prove it to her course by course, that is exactly what he’s going to do. After a challenge, Jake’s cooking against Rosemary’s baking, sparks fly, heat explodes, and the reader is left gasping at the intensity on the page.

I love food, but I wouldn’t proclaim myself a foodie. Sadly, I have too many allergies for that. Thirteen’s skill in writing really is her ability to create such a clear picture with words, whether you’re running a four star restaurant or accustomed to whole wheat pizza meals, you can easily follow and enjoy the story. She is also incredibly thorough. Every story of Thirteen’s I’ve read has had a considerable amount of research blended into it, making for a much more realistic read.

Once more, I would highly recommend this story, and anything written by the talented Thirteen.


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