Review: Erotic Images by Missy Jane

Erotic Images by Missy Jane
Release Date:  June 15, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Page Count: 86
Source:  provided by publisher for review

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Lynn Graves has already cut her expenses to the bone. When an ad for a modeling job is to her attention, she simply can’t refuse the quick money. But once she meets the sexy photographer, it doesn’t seem so simple anymore.

Weston Myers is in a bind. Short on time, he’s looking for the perfect body since the face won’t matter. Now that he’s met Lynn, no one else will do, but breaking down her inhibitions will take patience. And when she gets under his skin, he’s desperate to have her luscious body under him… But he doesn’t have long to ready his artistic photo exhibit and convince Lynn she belongs in his bed. Hopefully in the end, she won’t be afraid of a few erotic images.

Review: This story packs a whole lot in to 80 or so pages.  To be honest, when I agreed to review this book, I was expecting one long string of sexual encounters.  Imagine my surprise, when I was proven wrong.  There’s actually a plot.  And while there is sex, it fits well into the story and isn’t excessive.

However, I think this story really could have used a little more length.  Back story for both characters would have really helped me make more of a connection with them.  We get to learn very little about Wes, other than he’s a successful photographer.  A little more is divulged about Lynn, but so much of it is left in the dark.  Right off the bat, the reader learns that Lynn is in dire need for cash, which is why she’s entertaining the idea of posing for Wes’ photo project.  Hints of the reasons are dropped by the end of the story, but it was never really satisfactory explained.  So, I was left really wondering why

The story had a solid plot, but could just use a little more fleshing out to make it a more satisfying read.  It was a fast, enjoyable read… but in the end I was left wanting… more.


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