Review & Contest: One Night Scandal by Christie Kelley

One Night Scandal by Christie Kelley
Release Date: June, 2011
Publisher: Kensington
Page count: 325
Source:  Received from publisher for review

Born on the wrong side of the blanket, matchmaker Sophie Reynard understands the consequences of unbridled desire all too well. Despite the many highborn friends she has matched, falling in love with an aristocrat without a pedigree of her own would be an act of futility. But that doesn’t stop her from succumbing to one evening of anonymous passion. . .

Nicholas Tenbury, Marquess of Ancroft, knows nothing of Sophie’s lineage. He knows only that the enchanting beauty captured his heart in one night and then fled, leaving no trace of her identity. But when he seeks answers from London’s finest matchmaker, he finds none other than the woman herself—stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the attraction they share! Now the enamored Marquess has no choice but to sway Sophie with seduction…

Advice: Enjoyable is you want more serious than silly.

Review:  If you’re a lover of romance novels that are more serious than silly, this one is for you. The main character, Sophie, is a medium. She uses her ability to help out her friends and others with their love lives and her gift is a source of enjoyment as well as income for her. She’s part of a mixed up family, really mixed up. She has brothers and sisters she can’t claim and who can’t claim her. She has a father who won’t claim her and will deny their relation if pushed. Family relations and societal status are a really, really big deal in London in 1818 and she knows it. Nicholas also knows a lot about family relationships. He’s also in a situation that if he does the wrong thing, his father won’t have anything to do with him. There are family problems everywhere these two turn.

How and when they meet was one of the lighter moments of this story and quite enjoyable. Sophie takes on the attitude that “What happens in Venice, stays in Venice.” Nicholas takes on the attitude “I have an earring and I want to know who it belongs to.” What neither one realizes is that they both live in London, not Venice. Yes, they do meet up in London and have ties to the same friends that they didn’t know about. Their friends all raise their eyebrows whenever they are in the same room together, wondering…hmmm, could it be?

Sophie and Nicholas clash constantly and have several verbal exchanges about why they shouldn’t be together, yet Nicholas really wants her to be his wife. Their families try to keep them apart and separate them using other people, money, threats, and Sophie isn’t about to marry a man who might one day become a duke – it wouldn’t be proper!!! How these two meet, fall in love, and finally solve all the problems they faced was an enjoyable read!

Quote:  “Her words made perfect sense, and yet, he had no desire to stop calling on her. He was drawn to her, fascinated by her. But she was right.” Page 113



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