Review: Chat with YA author Julie Kagawa

Presented by Harlequin Teen
Date: July 13th, 2011
Time: 2:00 p.m. Central (CST)

This was my very first live chat experience! It was fantastic to see an author answering questions presented by us, the blogging community!

When Julie first appeared on screen, most of us experienced a crash and had to hurry and log back on. By the time she started chatting, over 300 people were logged on and participating. Reading the scrolling chat box while watching her live was like driving and keeping still at the same time!

She welcomed us and her dog was barking so she leaned back and told her dog to be quiet then introduced herself (originally from Hawaii and now lives in Kentucky) and her book series, The Iron Fey. Most of us were jumping up and down in the chat room to see her live! The first question she answered was, “Which part of the first three books was her absolute favorite?” She said that the ending of The Iron Queen was her absolute favorite! We’re still in the chat room pinching ourselves that we are watching her LIVE! She then answered, “Which of the characters is your favorite and why?” She responded that Meghan is her favorite character because she had grown so much from book one. We’re in the chat room deciding if we’re Team Puck or Team Ash… A blogger wanted to know, “Where did you get the idea of The Iron Fey from?” She said that she has always been interested in the world of faery and remembers them as being evil or devious or mischievous. She also read the jacket from The Iron Knight to us and showed us how the front of the jacket and the back of the jacket combine the two separate faces into one. We’re in the chatroom thinking cool or creepy after seeing the face! A fan asked if a movie was in the works and she responded that it’s out of her hands but at this time the answer is NO. We’re in the chat room saying that if a movie is made they better do it right or not at all.

During this chat we also watched a video showing the 75 male models that tried out for the roles of Ash and Puck. The chatroom was buzzing with who was hotter. Some of the models were asked what was their most romantic moment…then she read to us again! This time, it was an excerpt from The Iron Knight and some of us were in tears for Ash. The Iron Knight, book four, will tell us more about Ash and his history. The chatroom was in tears and decided we could listen to her read the entire story. She did mention that in August, teasers from new book will be released on Tuesdays. Harlequin Teen responded that in October, the book trailer will be released.

THEN, she told us about her very latest writing!!! She’s releasing a post-apocalyptic vampire series, Blood of Eden, starting with book one, The Immortal Rules, next year. She’s also releasing Ethan’s story (Meghan’s brother) from The Iron Fey in a new trilogy!!! The chatroom simply erupted with comments at these announcements!!!

A very special thank you to Ms. Kawaga and Harlequin Teen for giving us a chance to interact with this very special author!!!

The series in order:
The Iron Knight (October 2011)