Review: Changeling Moon by Dani Harper

Changeling Moon by Dani Harper
Series: Changeling (#1)
Publisher: Brava (Kensington)
Publication Date: June 2011
Page Count: 354
Source: FSB Associates for review

He roams the moonlit wilderness his every sense and instinct on high alert. Changeling wolf Connor Macleod and his Pack have never feared anything-until the night human Zoey Tyler barely escapes a rogue werewolf’s vicious attack. As the full moon approaches Zoey has no idea of the changes that are coming and only Connor can show her what she is and help her master the wildness inside. With her initiation into the Pack just days away and a terrifying predator on the loose the tentative bonds of trust and tenderness are their only weapons against a force red in tooth claw…and ultimate evil.

Review:  I really enjoyed this first in a new series by Dani Harper. And it was quite delightful for me that she set her story in the Canadian north. Technically well written, it crosses the line to truly enjoyable with well-developed characters and excellent interaction between Connor (a veterinarian) and Zoey (a reporter). With good pacing and a solid story line, this novel also has very natural dialogue. There’s nothing worse than reading a contemporary novel where the characters speak like they’ve just graduated from a Victorian boarding school. Harper has the talent to make conversations sound just like the ones you hear on the street every day, and believe you me, I sincerely appreciate that! I highly recommend this sexy romance and can’t wait to dive into book 2: Changeling Dream.



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