Review: Bed, Breakfast and You by Maddie James

Bed, Breakfast And You by Maddie James
Series: Ladies of Legend #3
Release Date: February 2011
Publisher:Turquoise Morning Press
Page Count:120
Source:From the author

Suzie Schul has it all. A booming business, a wonderful town to live in, and, well, food. Yeah, she loves to cook and she’s the best darned cook in Legend, Tennessee. Everybody says so. She runs her own B&B, has published a cookbook, conducts cooking classes on Saturdays, and caters for special events and holidays.

What more could she want, really?

Nothing that she will admit, anyway. And let’s not even think about that brief escape to Gatlinburg several months back when she had separated from her then-husband, Cliff. Or the fact that the man ran off with her little sister while they were, um, estranged. And let’s definitely not bring to light that she’d never really revealed to anyone in the small town of Legend what exactly had happened between her and Cliff.

Or the fact that while she was off “finding herself” and “losing her husband” at the same time, she sort of, well, had a fling. But never mind about that, because “the fling” is long gone and likely doesn’t even know where to find her. Besides, he was trouble.

And just when Suzie thinks all is well, Mr. Trouble rides up to her B&B doorstep on a bad-ass Harley and tosses her perfect little world into some kind of big, bad tumble.

Review:  This is such a sweet story. If you’ve read the other books and been introduced to Suzie, you know she had a fling in the past. Now, we meet the bad boy who is the perfect hero—gorgeous, rich, has a plan, can cook, and he rides up on a Harley!

Suzie was my favorite character from the first book I read. And I love stories of past romances getting back together. Brett knows what he wants from the first page. He rides into town on his loud motorcycle and turns Suzie’s comfortable well-planned out life on its head. And just when she starts to admit to herself that she wants a relationship, he goes and throws her for another loop.

But, true love conquers all—isn’t that why we read these books? Both characters are completely believable, and we go through their internal battles with them. It’s not sappy or overly dramatic, and moves along very quickly. Definitely worth the read.

Quote:  “Lesson learned. Have a plan, but listen to the woman.”



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